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United in Prayer

Posted by thelamp on June 18, 2007

Americans are an eclectic lot. Although rich diversity is among the nation’s tremendous assets, it also contributes to factions that unnecessarily alienate and divide the citizenry. The National Day of Prayer is an ideal opportunity to set those differences aside and come together with a collective, unified voice.

The 56th Annual National Day of Prayer took place Thursday, May 3. The theme for this year, “America, Unite in Prayer,” was based on 2 Chronicles 7:14, which states: “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

“A prayerful spirit has always been an important part of our national character, and it is a force that has guided the American people, given us strength, and sustained us in moments of joy and in times of challenge,” President George W. Bush said in the this year’s proclamation from the White House. “On this National Day of Prayer, we acknowledge God’s grace and ask for His continued guidance in the life of our nation.”

Although the National Day of Prayer was established in 1952, when President Harry Truman signed it into law, the first request for such a day pre-dates the nation itself. In 1775, the Continental Congress asked the colonies to pray for wisdom in forming a nation. Roughly a century later, in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln, too, called for a day of “humiliation, fasting, and prayer.” In 1988, the law was amended and signed by President Reagan, permanently setting the day as the first Thursday of every May.

The National Day of Prayer has great significance for the United States as a nation. It enables contemporary generations to recall and to teach the way in which America’s founding fathers sought the wisdom of God when faced with critical decisions. National Day of Prayer stands as a call for everyone – across all walks of life – to humbly come before God, seeking His guidance for the leaders and His grace upon the citizens as a people.

Furthermore, the unanimous passage of the bill establishing the National Day of Prayer as an annual event signifies that prayer is as important to our nation today as it was in the beginning. This year’s “Prayer for Our Nation” was written by Dr. Charles R. Swindoll.

2007 Prayer for Our Nation

Almighty God, we pause to reflect on Your character as we seek wisdom for such a time as this.

In these unsafe days,
You remain all-powerful and able to protect;

In these uncertain times,
You remain all-knowing, leading us aright;

In the unprecedented events we’re facing,
You remain absolutely sovereign.
Our times are in Your hands.

Therefore, our dependence on You, is total, not partial
. . . our need for Your forgiveness is constant
. . . our gratitude for Your grace is profound
. . . our love for You is deep.

We ask that You guard and guide our President
and all who serve the people of these United States.
May uncompromising integrity mark their lives.

We also ask that You unite us as truly “one nation,
under God.” May genuine humility return to our ranks.

And may that blend of integrity and humility
heal our land.

In our Lord’s name we pray,



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On Second Thought

Posted by thelamp on May 17, 2007

The state of Pennsylvania is allowing a Christian college and a coalition of faith-based, non-profit service organizations to use government-funded job placement services after previously denying the request.

Geneva College and the Association of Faith-Based Organizations (AFBO) had been denied access to the state’s job placement services, which are funded by the federal government. State and federal officials said they were concerned about violating a governmental “non-discrimination policy” that prohibits listing of religious staffing requirements.

Geneva College is a four-year private Christian college in Beaver Falls, Penn. The Association of Faith-Based Organizations, based in Springfield, Va., works to protect religious organizations’ constitutional right to staff and select members on a religious basis.

Prompted by a lawsuit last December, the federal government and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have conceded that “the policy did not apply to Geneva College or AFBO’s members, and they will no longer be prohibited from posting job listings.”

Government officials, both state and federal, must recognize the constitutional right of religious organizations to hire employees who share their beliefs and values. This right is as central to a faith-based organization’s mission as other qualifications are to non-religious businesses. It shouldn’t take a court order, or threat of one, to enjoy the guaranteed protection of Constitution.


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Making Mockery of Christianity

Posted by thelamp on April 20, 2007

They called it a “drill,” but police in Burlington, N. J., accomplished little more than inciting fear and divisiveness recently when they portrayed “Christian terrorists” during a school-safety exercise. The activity purportedly was designed to prepare students, faculty and administrators for reacting to emergency situations on school property.

So, here’s the scenario they concocted: two angry Christians storm a school and gun down several students. The reason for their rage? The gunmen came to get justice because one of their daughters had been expelled for praying before class. Yeah, right. Can anyone even imagine the fallout if the police had pretended to be gays angry about being denied the privilege of going to the homecoming dance?

Everyone knows that practice makes perfect, which is why emergency exercises should be based on realistic situations. The purpose is to allow those in authority to evaluate plans and procedures. Does anyone believe this is a realistic scenario? Burlington residents should be quivering in their boots right about now, if there is a plan or procedure for taking out Christians in public school hallways.

The characterization of Christians as gun-toting extremists is particularly disturbing. Yes, evangelical students have sought the right to pray, distribute faith-based literature and even sing a song of praise on school campuses. There is no record, however, of Christians taking a public school under seige as a means of securing their constitutional rights.

Youth raised on a steady diet of popular culture instead of the Bible can’t make such a claim. Think back to 1999, when the worst school massacre in U.S. history left 15 dead and 23 wounded at Columbine High School. The first to lose her life was a young lady who proclaimed her faith in God. This is reality.

Those who talk of tolerance are quick to create programs that make homosexuals comfortable and welcome in America’s public classrooms. Apparently, the secular world believes Christians don’t warrant the same compassion or courtesy.


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What does God have to say?

Posted by thelamp on April 8, 2007

I was at a local dealership getting my vehicle repaired.  While talking to the Service manager, I noticed a quote on his desk from Joel Osteen.  I was very disheartened by what I read as it is totally unBiblical (I am willing to debate this issue).  The quote on his desk calendar stated, “It’s God’s will for you to live in prosperity instead of poverty.  God wants us to prosper financially, to have plenty of money, to fulfill the destiny He has laid out for us.”  I knew this was wrong…but I only kept it in the back of my mind, until I read something that–made me feel guilty for my many blessings (although I don’t have a lot)–and bothered me with what our buddy Joel said.  The following is quoted under permission of Voice of the Martyrs.  Just when you think you’re hot stuff in God’s eyes, just remember who He is really moving through.  It may be a bit long…but more worthwhile to read than the stuff you may hear tomorrow at your church.

“‘Salavat’, a pastor in the predominantly Muslim nation of Uzbekistan, has been detained and interrogated by police so many times he has lost track of the number.  He has been beaten and threatened with long prison terms.  When our VOM workers met with him, he had just been released from a six-month imprisonment.

‘While I was in prison, the eight other prisoners in my cell were ordered to beat me.  I thought they would kill me, but the Lord protected me.  They didn’t even touch me.’

While Salavat spent those six months in prison, there was no caring for his wife “Inez” and for their five children.  The Christians were too frightened to assit the family for fear they also would be arrested.  They were too frightened to get word to VOM or others in the outside world who would have been willing and able to help.  So, Salavat’s family barely subsisted, often going without.

When Salavat returned home, the situation was not much better.  None of the believers would come to Salavat’s church.  They were too afraid.  Salavat was discouraged, but preached anyway.  For two days Salavat praised the Lord in his empty church.  He says he remembered the verse in Hebrews 10:34, ‘for you had compassion on me in my chains, and joyfully accepted the plundering of your goods, knowing you have a better and an enduring possession for yourselves in heaven.”  Salavat decided if his enemies wanted to take everything from him, he would joyfully accept their plundering. 

The imprisonment, the plundering of his goods, the abandonment by other believers–these he could accept.  However, the hardest to accept was his family’s suffering.  There was very little food and no help in sight.  The day finally came when there was no food left in the house.

“Dad, when will we have something to eat?” asked his oldest daughter, 7-year old ‘Rachel’.  Salavat did not have an answer.  Instead, he replied, “Let’s wait until morning.  We’ll have breakfast then.”

The next morning Salavat woke at his usual 5 a.m. time for his daily meeting with the Lord.  Rachel rose also, asking again, “When will we eat?  I’m hungry.”

Salavat prayed fervently that God would provide for his family, and after prayer told her, “Well have something to eat in a bit.  Let’s go out and work in the garden while we wait.”

They began to work, and heard a car approaching.  Two young men approached them and asked for Salavat by name.
“We were not supposed to be here today, but the Lord has sent us,” one of them said and handed Salavat an envelope.  Salavat looked inside and found the equivalent of $200–more than a month’s wages.  The two men turned to go, leaving Salavat in shock, looking at the envelope.  When he heard the car leaving, he and his daighter ran after the men to thank them.
Salavat reached the street, but there was no car.  There was no cloud of dust nor fading engine sound.  The sandy, narrow road revealed no tracks.  It was as if a car had not driven by for weeks. 

Rachel looked at her father, then at the envelope still in his hands.  “Dad,” she said fervently, “from now on your God will be my God.”

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Christians Are the Real Victims

Posted by thelamp on April 2, 2007

Last week, U. S. Rep John Conyers, D-Mich., re-introduced the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act in Congress, but this irrational proposal must never reach the president’s desk. The Center for Moral Clarity is calling upon Christians coast to coast to vehemently oppose this legislation. Otherwise, be prepared to promptly relinquish your constitutional rights.

Click here to send a letter urging Congress to vote AGAINST the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

The Hate Crimes Prevention Act would expand the federal definition of hate crimes to include violence against a person because of his or her sexual orientation or gender identity. Anyone who commits an act of violence should be punished. Toward that end, laws across America appropriately castigate murderers and other belligerent brutes. Frankly, as a deterrent to violent behavior, hate-crimes laws are both redundant and unnecessary.

Despite the hue and cry from homosexual political activists, this legislation is not needed to penalize attacks motivated by bias against gays, because the root crimes are already punishable under the laws of the land. This legislation is purely symbolic. Unfortunately, it doesn’t symbolize a consensus to make America a kinder, gentler nation.

Instead, the Hate Crimes Prevention Act represents the intense culture war between those who trust the Bible as a manual for life and those who reject it. This is a battle from which God’s children cannot retreat.

“Homosexuals are anything but happy and carefree. According to virtually every scientific, medical and sociological study of the homosexual community, the everyday world of the American homosexual is a very unhappy world,” said Pastor Rod Parsley. “And it’s not just the emotional health of gays that suffers. Given that their sexual practices and lifestyle choices make health and hygiene a practical impossibility, ill health is an escapable part of the gay lifestyle. Therefore, the life expectancy of gays is substantially lower than that of heterosexuals.”

The late Oliver Wendell Holmes, one of the most respected justices in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court, once said, “The very aim and end of our institutions is just this: that we may think what we like and say what we think.” To the Christian mind, the standards for what is “right” and “wrong” have been divinely set. Expressing that belief is – and always should be – a constitutionally protected right. Don’t relinquish it without a fight!
Click here to send a letter urging Congress to vote AGAINST the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act.


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