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Making Mockery of Christianity

Posted by thelamp on April 20, 2007

They called it a “drill,” but police in Burlington, N. J., accomplished little more than inciting fear and divisiveness recently when they portrayed “Christian terrorists” during a school-safety exercise. The activity purportedly was designed to prepare students, faculty and administrators for reacting to emergency situations on school property.

So, here’s the scenario they concocted: two angry Christians storm a school and gun down several students. The reason for their rage? The gunmen came to get justice because one of their daughters had been expelled for praying before class. Yeah, right. Can anyone even imagine the fallout if the police had pretended to be gays angry about being denied the privilege of going to the homecoming dance?

Everyone knows that practice makes perfect, which is why emergency exercises should be based on realistic situations. The purpose is to allow those in authority to evaluate plans and procedures. Does anyone believe this is a realistic scenario? Burlington residents should be quivering in their boots right about now, if there is a plan or procedure for taking out Christians in public school hallways.

The characterization of Christians as gun-toting extremists is particularly disturbing. Yes, evangelical students have sought the right to pray, distribute faith-based literature and even sing a song of praise on school campuses. There is no record, however, of Christians taking a public school under seige as a means of securing their constitutional rights.

Youth raised on a steady diet of popular culture instead of the Bible can’t make such a claim. Think back to 1999, when the worst school massacre in U.S. history left 15 dead and 23 wounded at Columbine High School. The first to lose her life was a young lady who proclaimed her faith in God. This is reality.

Those who talk of tolerance are quick to create programs that make homosexuals comfortable and welcome in America’s public classrooms. Apparently, the secular world believes Christians don’t warrant the same compassion or courtesy.


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A Joyful Noise Unto the Lord

Posted by thelamp on March 17, 2007

What’s the difference between a baseball game and BattleCry, a passionate worship service for teens? Baseball fans attending a game in San Francisco can make as much noise as they want from the opening pitch to the last out of the game. When it comes to the joyful noise of teens worshiping, however, city officials prefer the sound of silence.

In anticipation of 22,000 teens gathering March 10 to reject pop culture and proclaim Christ as the leading influence in their lives, San Francisco authorities imposed a special noise restriction banning the use of sound systems before 10 a.m. and after 10 p.m. Although the event was scheduled to begin at 8 a.m., the attempt to stifle boisterous voices of youth praising God failed to discourage participants or derail the rally.

This was the second year Christian youths converged on San Francisco, but the city didn’t exactly roll out the red carpet. There was no official greeting from the mayor, who had been invited to welcome the youth to the city.

Thanks to management at a local radio station, KFAX 1100, a special morning worship service was broadcast from the BattleCry stage. This allowed participants and others to worship together despite the restriction on using the sound system at the stadium. Ron Luce, founder of TeenMania, which sponsored the massive two-day worship service, was justified in criticizing the last-minute ordinance. City officials, on the other hand, offered a lame defense of the restriction by pointing to complaints about early morning noise following the 2006 youth gathering. Christian residents of the city should be embarrassed about the less-than-hospitable reception for adolescent believers.

It’s hard enough to stand against peer pressure. Teens should not also have to endure disparate treatment from adults in positions of authority. The city’s mayor, Gavin Newsom, could have taken more leadership in making Christian visitors to his city feel welcome. Newsom is known for taking a stance. After all, he is the mayor who defied the state constitution in order to authorize same-sex marriages in San Francisco.

Of course, “faux” marriage is more popular politically than appeasing Christians. Keep in mind that last year the teens were treated so poorly in San Francisco that Newsom was prompted to issue a formal apology. The apology, though, didn’t exactly neutralize the resolution issued by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors condemning the youth rally for attempting to “negatively influence the politics of America’s most tolerant and progressive city.” It seems the folks in San Francisco are willing to tolerate everything, except Christianity.

The powers that be in San Francisco are probably hoping that Luce and his followers will be too discouraged to come back. Retreat would be the easy way out. The Center for Moral Clarity encourages youth affiliated with BattleCry to endure the hindrances and continue fighting for the soul of the next generation. Christianity’s war against the secular influences that are polluting American culture will only be won by standing strong in the daily battles to embrace God.


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Good-Bye to a Family-Friendly Jurist

Posted by thelamp on March 17, 2007

Martha B. Sosman, one of the three Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court judges who supported biblical marriage in the landmark 4-3 decision legalizing gay marriage in the state, died suddenly last week at the age of 56.

Sosman will be fondly remembered and missed by Bible-believing Christians across the nation.

Sosman, who battled cancer for the past two years, had been appointed to the high court in 2000 by Republican Gov. Paul Cellucci. Her replacement, however, will be chosen by Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick.

Observers of the state judiciary suspect that Patrick, who garnered a reputation for his defense of civil rights, may appoint a woman or a minority to Sosman’s seat on the bench. While those qualities may represent the governor’s interests, Massachusetts residents would be better served by replacing Sosman with someone who is a strict constructionist – in layman’s terms, someone with a philosophy that limits judicial interpretation to the meanings of the actual words and phrases used in law, and not on other sources or inferences.

Massachusetts is the only state to allow couples of the same gender to marry. It took intestinal fortitude – or guts – for her to write the toughly worded dissent for the court’s minority. Not only did she refuse to redefine marriage, but Sosman took issue with the four justices who gleefully slid down that slippery slope. Without mincing words, she exposed the court’s majority as the “activists” they are.

The marriage wars are far from over, but Sosman made her indelible mark on the side of justice by boldly proclaiming that marriage could not be redefined without damaging the institution itself or adversely affecting the critical role God’s union has played in society. In her words, “it is rational for the legislature to postpone any redefinition of marriage that would include same-sex couples until such time as it is certain that redefinition will not have unintended and undesirable social consequences.”

The Center for Moral Clarity will remember Justice Martha Sosman’s family in prayer. Then, we’ll pray for Gov. Patrick. He’ll need God’s divine guidance to find a seasoned jurist who understands that it’s the legislature’s duty to enact laws. It’s not the judiciary’s job to reconstruct what the legislature’s intent could have been. American jurisprudence serves the citizens best when court rulings are based on what the law is, not what a member of the bench thinks it should be.


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Not a Penny Without a Penance

Posted by thelamp on March 12, 2007

The White House scored a major moral victory last week in the U.S. Court of Appeals, which upheld a Bush administration policy of denying federal funding to nonprofit AIDS groups that won’t renounce prostitution and sex trafficking.

To the chagrin of liberals, the court ruled that AIDS groups’ free speech rights would not be violated if the federal grants they receive are linked to a pledge to uphold government policy. It’s simply common sense to ask people with a history of perilous behavior to reject the immoral conduct that put them at risk in the first place before giving them a penny. Otherwise, taxpayers would be spending money on something that will never be successful.

The case at hand involves DKT International, founded by porn king Philip D. Harvey, who also launched one of the world’s largest mail-order pornography and sex merchandise businesses. The organization distributes condoms in 11 countries, including to prostitutes in Vietnam, and opposes efforts to end the “sex trade,” contending that it is an established part of human society. DKT refused to sign an anti-prostitution pledge required under a 2003 law, which specified that groups must explicitly oppose prostitution and sex trafficking in order to qualify for funding under a $15-billion AIDS program.

Although the group would gladly accept money from the government, its leaders thought the strings attached were too cumbersome, namely, signing a pledge.

It would be silly to throw good money after bad. The purpose of financial assistance from the government is to improve the human condition. Logically, the expected result would be drastically different outcomes, and that will never be achieved by condoning and repeating illicit sexual conduct.

In addition to the effect prostitution has on the broader culture, the industry takes a devastating toll on the individual lives sucked into that black hole. So, the government’s policy also puts men and women on the path to reconcile their lives with the Lord. As 1 Corinthians 6:18-20 instructs, “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.”

“It is easy to condone everything, but it’s impossible to glorify God and defy Him at the same time,” said Pastor Rod Parsley.


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Different Bill, Same Concerns

Posted by thelamp on March 12, 2007

During February, the Center for Moral Clarity raised awareness among values voters regarding the David Ray Hate Crimes Prevention Act, H.R. 254 the “hate-crimes bill” and the potential persecution of Christians posed by its provisions. It must be true that misery loves company, because this objectionable legislation may soon have a companion: the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act (LLEHCPA).

First Amendment advocates with Capitol Hill connections believe that between the two, the LLEHCPA proposal may come to a vote first. Although it has yet to be introduced in the 110th Congress, the LLEHCPA has been approved separately in the House and the Senate on a number of occasions since 2000. Thankfully, until now final passage has been blocked by the House Republican leadership.

Considering the new composition of the House, people who oppose living by biblical standards are optimistic that some type of hate-crimes legislation will clear the legislature this session. The local law enforcement measure is a hate-crimes bill on steroids. If passed, it would do more harm than good.

Click here to send an e-mail to members of the House of Representatives, urging them not to vote for the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

Click here to see all of the current legislative issues important to Bible-believing values voters.

Like David’s Law, LLEHCPA would broaden federal hate-crimes laws to condone and promote homosexuality by establishing sexual orientation as an eligible category for protecting “victims.” One of the most basic precepts of American democracy is equality. There’s certainly no reason to abandon that objective now and extend special treatment to homosexuals.

The legislation would also make grants available to state and local communities to combat violent crimes committed by juveniles, train law enforcement officers, or to assist in state and local investigations and prosecutions of crimes motivated by bias. The thought police don’t need any more resources.

If Christians are bone weary of tip-toeing around socially accepted lifestyles that contradict Scripture, imagine the restrictions that will follow enactment of expanded hate-crime laws. We might as well kiss the Bill of Rights good-bye right now.


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