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Wipe Israel Off the Map

Posted by thelamp on July 14, 2006

More than a month ago I heard a fabulous message regarding Iran’s desire to Wipe Israel off the map (and what all that will lead to).  If anyone would like to hear that message, please visit or call (210) 433-0819 to order your copy of “Wiping Israel off the Map”.  I have also been reading a great book by John Hagee title “Jerusalem Countdown”.  I highly recommend both sources because it will truly open your eyes to what has been going on in the news.

What do you think?  Post your comments below.

One Response to “Wipe Israel Off the Map”

  1. As a Christian I must warn you that John Hagee is in deep error regarding his charges against the President of Iran, charging the President as having said “Israel Must Be Wiped Off The Map.”

    This statement was not made by the President, and although American Media will not correct and instead are complicit in continuing to mislead Americans and Christians in this context. I have researched this issue as I now charge you also do.

    At makes my heart ache how little discernment the churches evidence today in America, leaders who are to lead others into maturity and untiy, instead being fooled into repeating error they do not even take time to substantuate.

    I have posted an article only for my Christian friends, but would make it available (only) to you regarding this matter describing what the Iran President did say, it is:

    Regarding the secular minority called Zionist who today control Israel, I wrote another article open to everyone. In it is research data on Zionist State of Isreal today, also Bible study and scripture that proves that it is not God gathering people to Israel today, but secular man through deception and lies. The result is serius economic problems, organized crime spreading into other nations, and the Aparthied conditions being applied against Palestinian peoples. This webpage article I strongly suggest your read, it is:

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