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Much Ado About Nothing

Posted by thelamp on March 12, 2007

Within an hour of the Discovery Channel’s airing of“The Last Tomb of Jesus ” Sunday evening, film critics, scientists and syndicated columnists bombarded the Internet with an array of skeptical and cynical analyses of the documentary. The movie, produced by Oscar-winning director James Cameron, may have provided plenty of fodder for conversation around the office water cooler, but it’s not likely to unravel Christianity.

Disputing the tenets of the Christian faith has become a perennial activity for America’s secular culture. This time last year, it was the “DaVinci Code,” and next year, as Resurrection Sunday approaches, believers’ fasting, prayer and repentance will be accompanied by some new – but equally as ludicrous – idea that challenges the veracity of Holy Scripture.

“A ruthless secularization of our society is precisely what is being attempted, and a major component of that effort involves the use of dubious science to undermine our faith and delegitimize our convictions,” said Pastor Rod Parsley, founder and president of the Center for Moral Clarity.

Those who sat glued to the television expecting the Discovery Channel’s program to prove or debunk biblical doctrine surrounding the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ must have been disappointed. The documentary was based on the 1980 discovery of 10 stone bone containers called ossuaries. Cameron and others want the world to believe that two of the ancient boxes may have once contained the remains of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and a son named Judah (and perhaps even their pet dog named “Cooter”).

This is the stuff of Indiana Jones maybe fun to watch, but no real basis on science and certainly no relevance to Christian faith. It’s been more than 20 years since these items were discovered. A theory about their significance was unveiled, but the documentary didn’t bring anything new to the discussion.

Even though many biblical scholars and archeologists have denounced the movie’s claims, the filmmakers said last week that DNA tests would reveal the truth. No, the Bible already has revealed the truth. Everything else is merely speculation. DNA might be good for determining who’s the “baby-daddy” on the Maury Povich show, but it’s not going to prove or disprove the Gospel.

Anyone seeking to substantiate the resurrection through scientific evidence is looking in the wrong place. Consider the source. Perhaps 13th century philosopher Thomas Aquinas said it best, “To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”

These words will continue to ring true as the controversy sparked by the documentary unfolds. There’s no shortage of opinions on the significance of the tomb, which was discovered in a suburb of Jerusalem. Israeli authorities are wise to challenge part of the inscription as a forgery.

The claim that Jesus even had an ossuary contradicts the Christian belief that He is the Son of God, and after His death He was resurrected and ascended to heaven. Hundreds of thousands of dollars will be spent in an effort to prove the ossuaries are authentic.

Some will argue the bone box is evidence that Jesus existed. Others will use the same evidence to insist the resurrection never happened. Why not ask the Ouija board? The value of the answer would be the same.

Anyone curious about Jesus’ life should read the Bible. If archeologists and DNA experts utilize the tools of their trade to prove Jesus existed, it will be to satisfy the doubts of the secular world, because Jesus’ followers have all the proof they need.


4 Responses to “Much Ado About Nothing”

  1. Roby said

    I managed to skip watching this documentary — I used to like James Cameron — when people spend this much time, money and effort to disprove something they really have not examined the validity of, it tells me that I should keep on trekking! I skipped watching this because I knew it would anger me for hours, maybe days … and I didn’t want to give it any airplay. If James Cameron and his crew had spent this much time actually examining the evidence, the same thing would happen to them that has happened to many scientists, and that is, they would recognize Jesus Christ is their Lord and King, before it’s too late for them to have faith … for one day, their knees will bow, and their lips will confess, when he’s standing before their eyes! I enjoyed your reading your posting, and happy that you found it all as worthless and I’d guessed it would be!

  2. Fang said


  3. John said

    you are correct. there’s no way this will unwind Christianity, but i do believe it’s worthwhile for Christians to understand the cultural attacks and inroads that are made.

    God bless.

  4. If Jesus’bones were in an ossuary,that would imply that there was a familt tomb.Why,then,would Joseph of Arimithea’s tomb be needed even if it was a temporary deposition? Since when would a wealthy Jew be crucified since only the poor were victims of this kind of capital punishment? Why would the religious authorities have allowed either the family members or the immediate disciples of Jesus the body for burial considering the charge of blasphemy they raised against Him resulting in His crucifixion in the first place? To encourage His veneration??As a rule, crucified bodies were dumped in a common grave by the Roman authorities.

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