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The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand…

Posted by thelamp on March 13, 2007

2000 years ago, a voice crying in the wilderness, said aloud that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.  John the Baptist claimed no divinity in himself.  He said that One–Jesus Christ of Nazareth–will come who’s sandle strap he is not worthy to loose.  Jesus Christ came–his first coming–and brought us the Truth (John 14:6).  He also warned that others will come after Him claiming they are the Christ.  Fast forward to present day…and although several others who claimed they are the Christ must now give way to a false Christ.  He is not the AntiChrist…although the AntiChrist spirit is evident today…but this man claims he is God.  He is not.  He is another false prophet who twists scripture just like Satan.  He doesn’t know anything from the Bible.  This is the liar 

I, though, pray that JOSE LUIS DE JESUS MIRANDA learns the truth before he dies and stands before God (Heberws 9:27).   What’s sad is that this guy knows he’s a fraud and uses the media to give him more attention than he truly deserves.  But just like it said in the book of Acts, if what he says is true (which it’s not), then it’ll last…but if it is fake (which it is) then it won’t.


3 Responses to “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand…”

  1. cumby said

    JOSE LUIS DE JESUS MIRANDA is a con artist. This in itself is not surprising. I minister in a Federal prison that’s full of them. What is shocking is the huge amount of human beings who fall hook-line-and-sinker for this man’s shell game. A steady diet of the Word of God would keep them from falling into a ditch.

  2. anotherlittleguy said

    It is telling that the name of this carpenter is so compelling that men like Mr. Miranda can borrow off its notoriety to further their careers as con-messiahs. What other identity could a con-man claim that would allow him to wield this sort of influence?

  3. faithwalk said

    I had never heard of this man before; it’s shocking that anyione actually believes him! How could they be so blind?

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