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My Own Business

Posted by thelamp on January 26, 2007

Attention Everyone!!

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Celebrate the Sanctity of Human Life!

Posted by thelamp on January 18, 2007

Monday Jan. 22 is the 34th anniversary of one of the darkest days in American history, the day the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its landmark Roe. v. Wade decision legalizing abortion. Although Christians are celebrating the sanctity of human life this month, this day evokes a painful reminder that too many millions of lives have ended before they began.

What can you do to promote a culture of life in America?
Click here to access free resources for your congregation or organization.

Pro-life advocates around the nation will descend on Washington, D.C., to lobby lawmakers on abortion, human embryonic stem-cell research and euthanasia. The annual March for Life is planned for Jan. 22 to commemorate the infamous date. Last year, an estimated 100,000 people participated in the event.
Click here to get more information on the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.

What Christians do, or don’t do, in the coming year will make an eternal difference in the lives of millions of families across this nation. Pastor Rod Parsley, founder and president of the Center for Moral Clarity, asks all CMC members to influence the culture in which they live. Make a commitment to join the fight for life during 2007.


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Congress is Responsible to the Grassroots, Not the Reverse

Posted by thelamp on January 18, 2007

The adage “the devil is in the details” certainly applies to the first piece of legislation debated on the Senate floor during the 110th Congress, Senate Bill 1. Of particular concern is Section 220, the Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act of 2007.

The title might suggest the bill’s intent, but this is a Trojan horse. Hidden within this lengthy, complex and multifaceted proposal are provisions that could be catastrophic for grassroots organizations such as the Center for Moral Clarity. Section 220 of Senate Bill 1 would hinder voters from participating in their government by imposing regulatory and reporting requirements – with the risk of heavy penalties – on groups that spend money to reach more than 500 people for the purpose of encouraging grassroots activity.

An amendment offered by Sen. Sam Bennett, R-Utah, would strip Section 220 from the bill.
Click here to urge your senators to vote for the Bennett Amendment, which would remove Section 220 from Senate Bill 1.

“CMC stands behind efforts to reform lobbying activities, if those changes genuinely diminish the culture of corruption that has tarnished Americans’ image of the political process,” said Pastor Rod Parsley. “The Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act does not accomplish this objective. Instead of reining in abuse, this bill would effectively gag and silence citizens for encouraging others to simply contact a member of Congress with an opinion about an issue.”

There is a tremendous difference between organizations like CMC communicating with voters about a pending bill and registered lobbyists taking a congressman out to dinner or paying for a weekend excursion. The Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act, however, treats them the same.

Consequently, if this bill becomes law, grassroots organizations would be required to track and report every discussion with an elected official, as well as every article written on legislation. Those failing to file lobbying reports to Congress would face fines up to $100,000.

This is absurd. The grassroots of America are not responsible to Congress. Rather, Congress is responsible to the grassroots.


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More Than Another Day Off

Posted by thelamp on January 18, 2007

The late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is the nation’s only black man held in such esteem that a federal holiday honors his name. The minister and activist has become an American icon for racial justice. Consequently, his legacy should mean more to people than a chance to sleep late on a Monday morning.

Although many people remember King, some have forgotten his message. How did you spend Monday? Did you think about what life was like for Dr. King in the late 1960s or the changes that have occurred in the nation to allow for a day of such reflection? Gone is the era when it was unpopular – and even dangerous – to be associated with Dr. King or the Civil Rights Movement.

Although times have changed, racism is far from dead in America. For that reason, the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday should not be a day to do nothing. Instead, it ought to be a day devoted to collaborative efforts aimed at eliminating the remaining vestiges of racial hatred.

“We have only to look at the reaction to the Rodney King incident to see that we have not come as far as we might have dreamed,” said Pastor Parsley. “We have not arisen to our destiny as a nation, and we never will as God has defined our purpose, until we see the forces of animosity and hatred and the walls of division destroyed by the crush of righteousness and love.”

The need is urgent, particularly as the racial composition of America continues to evolve. With increasing immigration and rising Hispanic birthrates, the citizens of this great nation will have to learn racial harmony and respect. The alternative is a future filled with the violent race wars that skinhead groups now angrily predict.


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How Many More Women Must Die?

Posted by thelamp on January 18, 2007

As 2006 came to a close, two more deaths were attributed to RU-486, the first of two drugs taken to chemically abort an unborn child. Since the medication was approved in September 2000, at least seven women have died in the United States.

The Food and Drug Administration never should have approved RU-486, and pro-life members of Congress are renewing their effort to pull the abortion pill, also known as mifepristone, from the market.

Click here to urge Congress to pass the RU-486 Suspension and Review Act.

The federal agency’s response following these latest reportswas to schedule a workshop for early May to discuss research on the infection that killed four of the women last July. Rather than doing the right thing – yanking the drug in the waning days of the Clinton administration – the FDA has issued a statement saying it is investigating the circumstances of the deaths.
The FDA’s response has prompted outrage from the halls of Congress to the offices of pro-life groups, including the Center for Moral Clarity. How many more women will be allowed to die while the federal government studies the problem?
In the past, the FDA has pulled from pharmacy shelves drugs accused of causing fewer deaths and less severe complications. An abortion drug linked to seven deaths should not continue to be purported as safe.
In the 109th Congress, 79 members of the House sponsored the RU-486 Suspension and Review Act. Unfortunately, the bill did not pass, but it should have. It’s time to suspend RU-486 before another woman’s life is lost.
The FDA has the authority to suspend distribution of any drug item when safety issues arise. If the FDA won’t act responsibly, Congress must step in and do what must be done.


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