The Lamp

Where truth can be shared.

About The Lamp

“Your Word is a Lamp Unto My Feet and a Light Unto My Path” – Psalm 119:105

Darkness only exists where light cannot be found.  Once the light comes, what was hidden becomes clearly seen and darkness disappears. 

The purpose for this blog is for people to freely post opinions regarding posts I leave.  Subjects will vary from political, to religious, to quotes and things I find, and a lot more.  They may also include my personal thoughts and feelings as well.  Please feel free to comment as much and often as you would like.  I ask for one rule: keep your comments clean, avoid cussing and belittling people and/or calling people names.  I will do my upmost best to show respect in this blog, I ask that you please show the same for me and for other readers as well.

Thank you and enjoy!

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