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The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand…

Posted by thelamp on March 13, 2007

2000 years ago, a voice crying in the wilderness, said aloud that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.  John the Baptist claimed no divinity in himself.  He said that One–Jesus Christ of Nazareth–will come who’s sandle strap he is not worthy to loose.  Jesus Christ came–his first coming–and brought us the Truth (John 14:6).  He also warned that others will come after Him claiming they are the Christ.  Fast forward to present day…and although several others who claimed they are the Christ must now give way to a false Christ.  He is not the AntiChrist…although the AntiChrist spirit is evident today…but this man claims he is God.  He is not.  He is another false prophet who twists scripture just like Satan.  He doesn’t know anything from the Bible.  This is the liar 

I, though, pray that JOSE LUIS DE JESUS MIRANDA learns the truth before he dies and stands before God (Heberws 9:27).   What’s sad is that this guy knows he’s a fraud and uses the media to give him more attention than he truly deserves.  But just like it said in the book of Acts, if what he says is true (which it’s not), then it’ll last…but if it is fake (which it is) then it won’t.

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Pastors Key to Church Evangelism

Posted by thelamp on February 11, 2007

A new study by LifeWay Research, a research arm of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), found that churches excelling in evangelism have pastors who emphasize winning souls. Researchers interviewed staff from several SBC churches and determined that the senior pastor’s involvement was the most important determiner of a church’s success at evangelistic outreach.

Click here to download and listen to the report.

In the study, LifeWay Research focused on churches that had baptized at least 26 people each year for 10 consecutive years; had overall worship attendance growth during the same 10 years; and had a membership to baptism ratio of no more than 20-to-1.

In interviews conducted with staff members from those churches, LifeWay’s researchers found the involvement of a senior pastor to be the most critical factor when it came to winning souls.

According to the study’s findings, in every case senior pastors set the tone for the whole church, leading not only in terms of preaching and encouraging people but also by example. This underscores the importance of God calling out leaders who set the pace.

LifeWay Research’s findings indicated that many churches simply are not intentional when it comes to evangelism. However, among those congregations that lead the denomination in evangelism and baptism, senior pastors were shown again and again to be the most outstanding feature.


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Graffiti Versus Scripture

Posted by thelamp on February 1, 2007

A good deed in Kentucky drew criticism instead of compliments. Misguided public school officials ordered the removal of Bible verses that had been painted in a girls’ bathroom to cover up graffiti.

Middle school volunteers spent three days painting the Scriptures during the recent winter break because they wanted to get rid of vulgar images and profanity scrawled on the walls. They mistakenly thought their peers and the school’s administration would appreciate looking at upbeat art and inspirational messages.

To the Christian students’ dismay, a parent complained saying that the Scriptures violated students’ constitutional rights. So, under the direction of the superintendent, the Bible verses were covered. It’s sad that the Word drew more ire than the graffiti.

Youth identity is unique and multi-faceted. It can be affected by a multitude of factors including parents, peers, music, school, television, religious influences and life experiences. Of the numerous influences that shape youth, school culture is certainly important.

“When adults stifle religious expression in impressionable teens, they also send the message that biblical guidance is inappropriate in a public setting. The Bible should not be relegated to a particular segment a Christian’s life,” said Pastor Rod Parsley. “Unfortunately, restriction on religious expression is a result of the increasing secularism of American life.” Considering the negative influences that bombard adolescents daily through media and hip-op culture, words of morality should be encouraged not eliminated.


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Judge Upholds Use of Religion in Care for Veterans

Posted by thelamp on January 18, 2007

For about a decade, the Department of Veterans Affairs has been increasing use of religion in treating ailing veterans. A federal judge has ruled that the trend does not violate what anti-religion zealots call the separation of church and state.

U.S. District Judge John Shabaz dismissed a lawsuit by the Freedom From Religion Foundation and defended the VA’s practices, saying religion can help patients heal and is legal when done on a voluntary basis. Christians have long known the healing power of prayer. It only makes sense that believers who have served in the military also want God’s help in healing their physical, mental and emotional wounds.

Shabaz’s ruling averts an unnecessary trial at taxpayers’ expense. The trial was scheduled to begin later this month.

In the lawsuit, atheists and agnostics challenged the agency’s practice of giving patients spiritual assessments that ask questions about faith, such as how often they attend church and how important religion is in their lives. Agency officials said the assessments help them determine patients’ needs.

The suit also targeted VA drug and alcohol treatment programs that incorporate religion, the integration of its chaplain program into patient care and the expansion of chaplain services for outpatient veterans instead of just those at VA hospitals. The veterans’ agency, which treated 5.3 million people at its facilities in 2005, boldly acknowledged it believes spirituality should be integrated into care. Still, the VA allows patients to decide whether that involves religion.

In its health-care system, the VA provides a wide variety of benefits to both veterans of the United States military and their families. There is nothing unconstitutional about incorporating pastoral and spiritual care into patient treatment programs. Actually, the VA chaplaincy program has a long history of legislative approval, and the practice of employing a chaplain to serve the religious needs of military veterans began as early as 1883.

“The very men who framed our government were so overtly Christian that they would drive today’s advocates of secularism out of their minds,” said Pastor Rod Parsley. “The men who wrote the First Amendment printed Bibles. They funded chaplains. They called the nation to prayer and fasting.”

Even the 21st century medical profession acknowledges the role religious faith plays in the maintenance good health, healing diseases, and coping with chronic illness or death. Furthermore, research studies have shown that when patients have access to quality spiritual care they experience significant improvement in their quality of life.

The Center for Moral Clarity supports the men and women who bravely served their nation. They deserve this quality of life.


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While there is rejoicing, there is mourning

Posted by thelamp on December 31, 2006

Word Press members, Internet users, Americans, and citizens of the world,

Today marks a very memorable moment in history.  As a chapter is closing on 2006, moments in history are being made.  Recently, we had the passing of several men.  Forgive me if I happen to not name them all. 

We had our 38th President of the United States of America, Gerald R. Ford, pass from this life to eternal life.  Today began the services for this great gentleman who brought healing to this nation.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Earlier today, we had the execution of another man, Saddam Hussein.  Although hated by many, despised by many others, I only had love towards him (especially in these final days) and have for his family.  I ask that in this time of “rejoicing” and healing for Iraq, that Christians from around the world pray and some may even share the Light and Love of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I only hope that Saddam had the privelege I had to ask God to forgive him and accept Jesus Christ into his life.

During this past week and slightly longer, we had the musician James Brown.  We had a couple of other gentlemen as well.  Again, our thoughts and prayers to those family members and again hopefully Christians will share the Light and Love of Jesus Christ.  While I am typing this on Saturday, today perhaps 140,000 people also stepped into eternity.

Word Press members, users of the Internet, Americans, and citizens of this world, I ask that we all realize that our physical life is not eternal.  A man once said that there are only two constants in this universe: death and taxes.  I cannot speak about taxes, but I will speak about death.  The Bible says in Hebrews 9:27 that it is appointed unto man once to die, and after this the judgement.  Whether we believe in this or not, it doesn’t matter.  We will all die and we will all face God. 

It is at this point that millions, perhaps even billions, are in err to their destination.  God will not bring out a scale and weigh the good versus the bad.  He will not see whether enough good deeds and intentions earned your way into Heaven.  No dollar amount can buy your way into Heaven.  I was speaking to a man this afternoon that the ONLY way to Heaven is to become born again.  Born again, forgiven of our sins only comes through Jesus Christ.  Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man shall come unto the Father except through Me.  My Muslim friends, you consider Jesus as a Prophet.  Yet a Prophet is one who does not tell a lie.  If Jesus was a Prophet, then He spoke truth when He made that statement that is recorded in John’s Gospel account in chapter 14 verse 6.  There is one way to Heaven.  The requirement is to become born again.  How do I do that?  1 John 1:8-10 says this, “If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves (meaning we lie to ourselves) and the truth (Jesus) is not in us.  But if we confess our sins (to Christ), He is faithful and just to forigve us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  If we say we have not sinned, we make God a liar and His word is not in us.”  There is only one mediator between God and man.  It is not the Pope, it is not a priest, it is not a tree, it is Jesus Christ.  I ask that each one of us consider our lives for a moment and consider exchanging it for the life Jesus Christ has to offer. 

Despite what false preachers say, Jesus does promise trials and tribulations…but He also promised peace, joy, love, and strength.  Why continue to settle for something that “tastes great but less filling” when you can have the One who can give you a forgiven life and life everlasting in Heaven.

I do not write this to praise myself or think myself better, but as one commanded by God to sound the trumpet as mentioned in the book of Ezekiel.

God bless America and God bless you all.  Good evening and good night.

Robert Williams
The Lamp

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