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Investigate Electronic Voting Scrutiny

Posted by thelamp on November 30, 2006

This month’s mid-term election fueled growing anxiety about new electronic voting systems around the country. Although fears of a massive breakdown on Nov. 7 were not realized, serious problems did emerge. As a result, many analysts are warning that a replay of the 2000 election debacle in Florida could occur unless security is improved and all voters have a chance to verify how their votes were cast.

Since about a third of the nation used the new voting systems for the first time, the accuracy and integrity of the systems must be assured. Congress needs to take a hard look at e-voting and a host of other election issues and rules.

Regardless of the technology used, voting must be dependable and voters must have full confidence that their votes are in fact counted.

A bill in the U.S. House would require a paper trail verified by voters for all electronic systems in the nation. It has the support of 216 members, two short of a majority. Additionally, California and 26 other states now have a voter-verified paper trail.

The Center for Moral Clarity fully supports the push for better security and transparency. In 2002, Congress passed the Help America Vote Act in response to the 2000 crisis. The legislation provided federal money to upgrade systems; however, it did not require a paper trail.

The new touch-screen systems could be responsible for one of the most serious controversies of the election, which involves a congressional race in Florida.
In that election, almost 18,000 people in Sarasota County who voted in various races did not vote in the hotly contested congressional contest between Republican Vern Buchanan and Democrat Christine Jennings. Sarasota’s 15 percent “no vote’ rate was four to five times higher than the rate in surrounding counties.

“The complaints need to be investigated with a sense of urgency, because democracy is jeopardized when the electoral process is disputed,” said Pastor Rod Parsley.

This time, the disputed Florida election did not determine a national outcome.
That may not always be the case. If the 18,000 disputed ballots had been cast in Virginia or Montana – where Senate races were determined by about half that number of votes – control of the Senate would have been at stake.

Florida was not alone in wrestling with technical issues. There were other serious problems. Denver voters waited in line three hours or more because a digital voter-verification system kept crashing. The mayor called the lack of preparation for a new system ‘outrageous,’ and the Denver County clerk resigned.

States and counties have to make it easier for voters to see and verify their votes. Election officials also have to do a better job testing and retesting their equipment before Election Day, as well as auditing it afterward. If voters lose confidence that their vote will be accurately tallied, they may choose not to vote at all.


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America Votes to Change Its Leaders, But Not Its Values

Posted by thelamp on November 9, 2006

Up and down the ticket, citizens clearly showed on Tuesday that they desired a change in leadership. But, it’s unequivocal that the demise of the ‘values voter’ has been prematurely reported.

The Nov. 7 election results in no way imply that values voters are not an influential constituency on the American political landscape. The results are more a reflection of unique circumstances and timing, as voters focused on other issues – such as rescent reports of scandal and corruption by government leaders.

Survey after survey has shown that people of faith are a key component of the electorate. This has not changed, and the Center for Moral Clarity doesn’t expect it to. Values voters understand that the most important place they can exercise their faith is not in their sanctuaries, but in the public square.

Turnout at the polls was strong, which was uncharacteristic for a mid-term election when the president isn’t on the ballot.

“I’m incredibly pleased with the turnout across the nation for this important election,” said Pastor Rod Parsley, founder and president of the Center for Moral Clarity. “As the leader of a grassroots organization, I have advocated for everyone’s voice to be heard, and it’s gratifying to see that all kinds of voters have taken that call seriously. Democracy works best when we are all heard in the court of public opinion.” Click here to read Pastor Parsley’s complete statement on the Nov. 7 election results.


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Posted by thelamp on November 8, 2006

Yesterday, Americans marched towards their voting locations to let their voice be heard.  Although Republicans did lose some seats in the House of Representatives (the Senate is still not clear), what was made clear was the American people are tired of “politics”.  Look, these (all of them, including the President) are all elected officials and we hold their political lives in our ballot.  I heard news this morning that a race was won by 24 votes.  We’re tired of Congress not doing their job they were elected to do.  Case in point, for the last two years Congress has wasted tons of money and months of not passing much legislation (good or bad) because of the childish behavior of who’s in control of what and where.  I hope that the next two years will be worth while and NOT two years of complete focus upon the ’08 election. 

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Why Should Christians Vote?

Posted by thelamp on November 6, 2006

Good Christians are good citizens. Download and watch this Center for Moral Clarity Moment for an important message about the scriptural basis for Christian participation in government.

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    Don’t Mope – Values Voters Have Hope

    Posted by thelamp on October 26, 2006

    Two years ago, following the 2004 presidential election, the Center for Moral Clarity proclaimed the unprecedented voter turnout to be a victory for mainstream America. It was. Bible-believing voters clearly expressed that it was time to reclaim their lost heritage.

    “That mission did not end with the 2004 election,” advises Pastor Rod Parsley, founder and president of the Center for Moral Clarity. “In 2004 values voters let their voices be heard; but that was just the beginning. Much remains to be done if people of faith seriously intend to remake our nation into the just, compassionate, noble society it was meant to be.”

    Citizens of the United States have raised a great chorus of spiritual desperation. In the two years since the presidential election, questions of faith have continually dominated the public discourse. The outcome of general elections — like the one approaching on Nov. 7 — directly determines the answers to those questions.

    “I know that the Church is the sleeping giant that can transform our nation,” Pastor Parsley adds.

    Values voters made it clear two years ago that while the economy and national security were important concerns, moral issues took precedence when it came to determining the leadership and direction of our country – at the national, state and many local levels. Desire for that direction and leadership has neither wavered nor waned.

    Polls and political analysts are predicting evangelical Christians will be no-shows on Election Day. They think people of faith are moping, feeling let-down and dejected. That’s hardly the case. By their very nature, people of faith have hope. Hope is a favorable, confident expectation based on faith in the unseen future. Hope requires a happy anticipation of good. To be sure, values voters are looking forward to Nov. 7.

    Remember, values voters aren’t limited to the body of believers. Most Americans hold strong family-oriented values, whether they are Jewish, Catholic or even non-religious. Collectively, these voters can see the accomplishments of their efforts to impact the moral fabric of society. Internet Gambling laws have been enacted. Federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research has not expanded. One after the other, states are banning “faux marriages,” and their rights to do so have been upheld by the highest court in the nation.

    With that momentum behind them, values voters across America won’t be sitting home this election. They’ll be lining up in masses at polling places because they have hope — hope that by fulfilling their duty of citizenship they will determine public policy and elect leaders who will embrace their values and share their passion for a culture of life.

    Click here to view election issues in every state.


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