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Give Them Some Skin

Posted by thelamp on June 18, 2007

A high-five is in order for ethical scientists who continue to identify ways of advancing stem-cell research without destroying human embryos. The latest breakthrough was announced last week – ironically, on the same day that Congress voted to increase taxpayers’ funding for experiments on embryonic stem cells. Hold that thought!

There’s no reason to destroy any more human embryos in the quest to find cures that will save or improve lives. Scientists in Japan and the United States have now found a way to reprogram skin cells back to an embryonic state.

Although the experiments have involved only mice so far, this discovery could end the controversy that has caused Christians consternation over biomedical research for nearly a decade. In 1998, scientists first discovered how to generate human embryonic stem cells from embryos discarded by fertility clinics. Immediately, men and women who respect the sanctity of all human life objected to callously ending it in a laboratory petri dish.

Opposition to embryonic stem-cell research – mounted primarily by Christian activists – has served as a catalyst to the search for alternatives. If skin cells can mimic embryonic stem cells and perform the same function, there would be no need to continue down the dangerous, destructive path now tempting medical pioneers.

This development should sway people critical of President Bush’s promise to veto the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, which Congress has sent to the White House for the president’s signature.

People who don’t place value on the developmental stage of life that occurs before birth have argued that protecting embryos from scientific experimentation is tantamount to denying life-saving therapy to the sick and dying. Yet, even the most passionate voices in the scientific community acknowledge that human embryonic stem-cell research is a long way from producing any practical therapies.


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Induced Abortion is Murder

Posted by thelamp on April 11, 2007

Prosecutors in Boston are ignoring the rights of a 1-pound girl whose death will go unpunished. Last week, state attorneys said they will not charge an 18-year-old Dominican immigrant with homicide even though she induced an abortion by taking anti-ulcer pills.

Prosecutors had been considering the more serious charge after Amber Abreu prematurely delivered a 1-pound girl named Ashley at Lawrence General Hospital on Jan. 6. The baby died four days later. According to authorities, Abreu, admitted that she had taken three Cytotec pills before giving birth. Cytotec is the brand name for misoprostol, which forms part of a government-approved abortion method. It is typically prescribed for ulcers.

This method of abortion is common in some Latin American communities. However, abortion is illegal in Massachusetts after 24 weeks of pregnancy, and any action to cause a miscarriage after that threshold could lead to homicide charges. This is such a case.

“Proponents of ‘choice’ have tried to make this issue about ‘women’s rights,’ ‘freedom of choice’ and ‘reproductive rights,’ said Pastor Rod Parsley. “But clearly, the murdering of an innocent child is far more than a health issue or a civil right. No amount of spin can outweigh the fact that abortion ends the life of a baby growing inside its mother’s womb.”

The state medical examiner determined that Abreu’s baby had been 25 weeks old at death. Prosecutors, however, decided that they would probably not be able to convince a jury that Ashley was a viable human being who had been killed. This was the wrong decision. It implies the state isn’t serious about the protecting innocent lives, and ignoring murder will only encourage other women to disobey the law.


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More Church Regulation Considered

Posted by thelamp on April 11, 2007

How much should local governments regulate social service activities conducted by churches? Some municipalities are talking about implementing rules to restrict distribution of food by charitable groups, including churches.

According to a recent article in USA Today (Cities set limits on serving food to homeless people), officials in Orlando, Dallas, Las Vegas, and Wilmington, N.C., began enforcing such ordinances last year.

City government has a legitimate responsibility to set standards that ensure safe food handling practices. No one would want a homeless family’s situation to worsen because of illness contracted from eating a contaminated meal. However, requiring volunteers to take a food-handling course – or face a $2,000 fine – may have unintended consequences, such as a dramatic drop in the number for people willing to give their time to help their less fortunate neighbors.

The restrictions under consideration also include limiting where food give-away distribution events can be held, and in some jurisdictions, a permit may be required.

Homelessness isn’t a crime, so those who are enduring hard times shouldn’t be treated like criminals. Public display of compassion ought to be a characteristic that cities promote and publicize rather than shamefully secreted on a quiet street.


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Fetal Pain Bill Fails in House

Posted by thelamp on December 14, 2006

As the 109th Congress concluded last week, Bible believers endured a setback in their battle to protect the sanctity of unborn life. The U.S. House of Representatives failed to reach the two-thirds majority needed for passage of the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act.

The legislation would have required that women undergoing an abortion at least 20 weeks into their pregnancy be informed that an abortion causes pain to their unborn babies. The vote in the House was 250-162 in favor of a move to suspend the rules and pass the legislation. A two-thirds majority was needed for such a procedural move.

Sadly, the vote was the last on a pro-life measure in the 109th Congress. It should be reassuring that 60 percent of the House endorsed the requirement for abortionists to inform women that the procedure may be very painful to the unborn child. Unfortunately, 60 percent support was not enough to make disclosing this critical knowledge a matter of law. The fact that it failed does not bode well for what can be expected next year, when the Congress moves in a new direction – away from life.

“Even animals that are to be slaughtered are first rendered unconscious,” said Pastor Rod Parsley. “Yet that same provision is not being afforded to unborn children.”

During floor debate on the bill, Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., its chief sponsor, cited expert testimony showing that unborn children have “a developed system of pain perception and response” by 20 to 22 weeks into the pregnancy.

It’s a shame that 40 percent of the men and women representing America in the House of Representatives could not put themselves in the place of those little unborn children who have no voice, no hope and no defense.


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Science and Scripture on the Same Page: Preserving Life

Posted by thelamp on November 16, 2006

There’s wonderful news in the Nov. 7 issue of Cytotherapy, a journal of medical research. A report from the University of Minnesota describes a remarkable and promising breakthrough by researchers. For the first time, stems cells found in umbilical cord blood have been transformed into a kind of cell found in lungs.

“As Christians, we should seize the moment and capitalize on these advances, rather than destroy human life,” said Pastor Parsley.” Click here to read the Center for Moral Clarity’s position on medical research.

Although the benefit for now is limited to research purposes, this newly discovered technology should be advanced because of its potential to help cure or treat such diseases as emphysema and cystic fibrosis. The best result, though, is that this innovation does not jeopardize existing life. That’s the problem Bible believers have with human embryonic stem-cell research.

The issue of stem-cell research encompasses two types of stem cells – those taken from embryos and those taken from children or adults. Advances for treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, diabetes, degenerative diseases of the eye and leukemia are just a few of the diseases that have benefited from some form of adult stem-cell research. Research on adult stem cells does not place the donor at risk, so there isn’t an ethical dilemma for Christians to consider.

The Center for Moral Clarity heralds the exploration of cord blood cells for that same reason. These cells have characteristics like an embryonic stem cell, yet using them does not put existing life at risk for the sake of medical advances. It’s refreshing when science and Scripture aren’t approaching life from opposing corners.


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