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A Testament of Faith

Posted by thelamp on April 18, 2007

Litter. Divisiveness. Endorsement of religion. These are the three reasons public school officials in New York gave for prohibiting a fourth grader from giving her classmates a flyer describing the positive impact Christianity has had on her life. Rather than sulk, however, the student and her parents filed a lawsuit challenging the school district’s decision.

Last week a court decided in her favor, ruling that school administrators cannot totally ban the distribution of faith-based literature during non-instructional time without violating students’ constitutional rights. Here-here!

The First Amendment right to free speech means students can communicate with each other in writing, as well as verbally, when class is not in session. Christian pupils shouldn’t have to fear offending their peers with the mere mention of faith and spirituality. Come on, some of the content that kids this age get their hands on is downright decadent. Someone should be commending this child for being salt and light for her peers.

The benefits of education are not limited to lessons learned from textbooks.

“The proverbial triad of educational attainment includes knowledge, understanding and wisdom – which together ultimately lead to truth,” said Pastor Rod Parsley. “Each of theses components bears its own peculiar fruit in the life of the student.”

Children go to school not just to learn how to regurgitate facts and figures, but also to learn how to put their acquired knowledge to functional use. Through understanding, young people learn how to make connections between all the facts. The flyer of faith in question is a testament to applied knowledge.

In addition to honing writing skills, such a project would enable students to practice self-expression and establish a venue for dialogue. If students are discouraged from talking about faith and culture at a young age, by the time they become adults they will have become conditioned to believe such discourse is taboo – further forcing God into the crevices of society rather than its rightful place at the forefront of culture.



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