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One Nation Under God

Posted by thelamp on March 24, 2007

During four days, April 26 – 29, Christians will gather in Virginia to rededicate America to God. The 400-year-old covenant was formed by the Jamestown colonists, who planted the cross of Jesus as they birthed this great nation. The Assembly 2007 is the quadracentennial celebration of America’s founding and the amazing legacy of faith and prayer that changed the world. “Take your place in history, and take America back for God through the power of prayer,” said Pastor Rod Parsley, who is one of the event’s featured speakers on Saturday, April 28. All CMC members and friends are encouraged to support this event and hear from Pastor Parsley.

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On April 29, 1607, Pastor Robert Hunt and the Christian colonists who formed Jamestown planted a cross at Virginia Beach and dedicated the new world to Jesus Christ creating a covenant that has blessed every American. Contemporary followers will have the opportunity to rededicate the nation to God and reaffirm that America still belongs to Him.

Join with national leaders and thousands of believers in this historic prayer of rededication and witness a historic reenactment of the first landing event. Bring your own cross and plant it in the sand for future generations to remember the dedication of your family, your church and your nation to God!



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