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Mint Sends God to the Sideline

Posted by thelamp on March 24, 2007

A coin program launched this month by the U.S. Mint has Christians on edge. The new $1 coin was meant to honor the men who have served as presidents of the United States. The tribute, however, is overshadowed by the relocation of four important words: In God We Trust. Departing from a tradition that began during the American Civil War, the face of this coin will not carry the inscription. This is not insignificant. Sidelining the national motto is an indication of the vanishing presence of God in society.

Click here to see the new, barely visible, location of “In God We Trust.”

Click here to send an e-mail asking Congress to repeal the Presidential $1 Coin Act.

As part of the presidential coin program, approved by Congress in 2005, the government will mint and issue four presidential dollar coins per year, featuring the images of the commanders in chief in the order that they served, beginning with Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Madison in 2007. The face of each coin will have a reverse design featuring a rendition of the Statue of Liberty. The presidents and Lady Liberty are unequivocally American icons worthy of commemoration.

All have shaped the culture. It’s disturbing, though, that Congress and the U.S. Mint are simultaneously celebrating history and denigrating it. Christians have ample reason to be angry by this offense to the nation’s Christian heritage. “In God We Trust” is America’s motto. It was adopted in the early 19th century to indicate that this is a Christian nation. Well, America was a Christian nation.

The phrase first appeared on a two-cent coin minted in 1864. The move was a result of a spiritual awakening and an increased devotion to religion by Americans. It’s hard to imagine in the current anti-Christian climate, but two centuries ago lay and religious leaders begged the government to recognize America’s appreciation of God. Then-Secretary of Treasury Salmon P. Chase consented and ordered the placement of the motto on all coins.

“No nation can be strong except in the strength of God, or safe except in His defense,” wrote Chase in an 1861 letter. “The trust of our people in God should be declared on our national coins.”

Apparently, the government feels the nation’s sentiment toward acknowledging God has diminished. If it takes a magnifying glass to read the words, what does that say about the significance of the statement?

CMC is urging people of faith to show their disapproval by lobbying Congress to repeal the Coin Act, the 2005 legislation permitting the insulting design. The national motto should be prominent and visible on all legal tender in the United States. America still trusts in God.

Click here to send an e-mail asking Congress to repeal the Presidential $1 Coin Act.



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