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Good-Bye to a Family-Friendly Jurist

Posted by thelamp on March 17, 2007

Martha B. Sosman, one of the three Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court judges who supported biblical marriage in the landmark 4-3 decision legalizing gay marriage in the state, died suddenly last week at the age of 56.

Sosman will be fondly remembered and missed by Bible-believing Christians across the nation.

Sosman, who battled cancer for the past two years, had been appointed to the high court in 2000 by Republican Gov. Paul Cellucci. Her replacement, however, will be chosen by Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick.

Observers of the state judiciary suspect that Patrick, who garnered a reputation for his defense of civil rights, may appoint a woman or a minority to Sosman’s seat on the bench. While those qualities may represent the governor’s interests, Massachusetts residents would be better served by replacing Sosman with someone who is a strict constructionist – in layman’s terms, someone with a philosophy that limits judicial interpretation to the meanings of the actual words and phrases used in law, and not on other sources or inferences.

Massachusetts is the only state to allow couples of the same gender to marry. It took intestinal fortitude – or guts – for her to write the toughly worded dissent for the court’s minority. Not only did she refuse to redefine marriage, but Sosman took issue with the four justices who gleefully slid down that slippery slope. Without mincing words, she exposed the court’s majority as the “activists” they are.

The marriage wars are far from over, but Sosman made her indelible mark on the side of justice by boldly proclaiming that marriage could not be redefined without damaging the institution itself or adversely affecting the critical role God’s union has played in society. In her words, “it is rational for the legislature to postpone any redefinition of marriage that would include same-sex couples until such time as it is certain that redefinition will not have unintended and undesirable social consequences.”

The Center for Moral Clarity will remember Justice Martha Sosman’s family in prayer. Then, we’ll pray for Gov. Patrick. He’ll need God’s divine guidance to find a seasoned jurist who understands that it’s the legislature’s duty to enact laws. It’s not the judiciary’s job to reconstruct what the legislature’s intent could have been. American jurisprudence serves the citizens best when court rulings are based on what the law is, not what a member of the bench thinks it should be.



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