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If Not Enforced, Life-preserving Law is Useless

Posted by thelamp on February 26, 2007

A newspaper columnist in South Dakota suggested last week that it’s time to end the debate over abortion. The writer said she was “bone tired” of the endless discussion of such issues as the right to life and moral imperatives. This is precisely the result abortion advocates hope to achieve.

Christians must not grow weary; the battle for life is far from over. As Bible-believers pursue policies that cultivate a culture of life, they also must follow up and make certain the laws enacted are, in fact, enforced.

Click here to support CMC’s campaign to uphold and enforce the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act.

It’s a national disgrace that abortion kills more than a million babies a year in America, and that clinics and hospitals defy the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act – allowing innocent abortion survivors to die. President George W. Bush signed the legislation into law in 2002, mandating medical assistance for any child born alive, even if that birth occurs during an abortion procedure.

Five years later, battle-fatigued Christians must be vigilant to make sure every baby benefits from the provisions of this law. A situation reported last week in Florida reveals how easy it is simply to look the other way, ignoring the inhumanity.

On Feb. 9, when a man came to the back door of an abortion clinic carrying the body of a baby in a bag, a pro-life activist contacted police. The Good Samaritan was concerned that the baby had been born alive, then deprived of medical treatment, in violation of the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act. Police refused to investigate, noting that as a policy they didn’t get involved in the abortion industry.

What purpose is served by a law that’s not enforced? The law requires that if an infant is born alive, life-sustaining treatment must be provided to that child. These innocent victims can’t speak for themselves. Advocates for the sanctity of all human life must stand up and be heard on their behalf.

Please be a voice for righteousness by adding your name to CMC’s petition, which asks federal authorities to assure that clinics follow the law.

Click here to support CMC’s campaign to uphold and enforce the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act.


One Response to “If Not Enforced, Life-preserving Law is Useless”

  1. cumby said

    We must never grow too weary or too tired to speak and act on behalf of the unborn or newborn. Thanks for your post!

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