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Enough is Enough

Posted by thelamp on February 26, 2007

Two sets of parents in Massachusetts reached their limit. Having enough of liberal efforts to indoctrinate their children to condone “alternative” lifestyles, David and Tonia Parker, and Rob and Robin Wirthlin of Lexington are waging a court battle to opt their elementary school children out of classroom discussions on homosexuality.

It’s inspiring when Christians stand up and refuse to be silent no more! In a civil rights complaint, the two families argued that what the school calls “diversity training” more accurately would be called “indoctrination.” The biblical perspective – consistent with the parents’ teachings at home – was absent from the school’s materials, and only the pro-homosexual position was present.

Lawyers representing the school district said teachers at Estabrook Elementary School have a “legitimate state interest” in teaching the homosexual lifestyle, and parents have no input into those decisions. CMC begs to differ. Public school officials have been clamoring for parental involvement. Yet, on such a critical matter as influencing a child’s moral foundation, they want parents to be silent.

Parents not only have the right to direct their children’s moral compass, but they also have a scriptural obligation to do so. This situation illustrates why so many Christian parents are choosing to take their kids out of public school. As long as Bible-believing moms and dads pay taxes to operate schools and hold seats on boards of education, they must defend their constitutional rights.

Efforts to brainwash America’s youth to reject biblical instruction about sexual orientation aren’t limited to Massachusetts, which is the only state in the union where people of the same gender can legally marry. In January, the Montgomery County Board of Education in Maryland approved a new sex-education curriculum that teaches a more “open-minded” attitude about homosexuality to eighth- and 10th-grade students.

The new curriculum in this Maryland suburb of Washington, D.C. will include information about the lifestyles of homosexuals and bisexuals, and will examine the concept of transgender sex change operations during the Family Life and Human Sexuality unit.This is a shameful use of Christian tax dollars, which could be used in so many more productive ways to educate the future leaders of society.

Go west to in Des Moines, Iowa. A school superintendent there will receive an award this week for fostering a safe and inclusive school climate for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students. Examples are multiplying across the nation. Enough is enough!

Morality is being replaced by a dangerously biased curriculum teaching that homosexuality is normal and natural. The Parker and Wirthlin families had no choice other than take this case to court, because school officials refused to grant their request of exempting their young children from the clearly objectionable material and classroom discussions. Without a doubt, students should be allowed to opt out.

If every Christian family had the devotion and courage to fight for their rights, the influence governing public education might not have degenerated to its current immoral condition.



One Response to “Enough is Enough”

  1. Dman said

    I do have to give the Mona Lisa smile to the frustrated Christians who seem to be having a rough go with their KKK kill the fag tactics. Teaching or integrating truth has never been their strong suit, like fags have been here alot longer then their fantasy wishful thinking religion, classrooms or no classrooms.

    I will throw this bone at them though; when the fags are done with you, you have lefties and shellfish eaters to rabbi-dog after to demonize demoralize and kill. At least one would think so according to Leviticus, their favorite biblical grand dragon of the KKK theology.

    Seems Christians always need an enemy to make them feel alive. Could this be because that “born again” feeling fades away? ……. would you say they are a bit angry at the hype that didn’t last? Poor choices can make crumy bed partners. Christainity is the most violent cult ever conceived. Heads up, you bought the farm and it didn’t produce the crop you were promised … bummer.

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