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Take a Lesson From a New York Cabbie

Posted by thelamp on February 16, 2007

It’s not often that New York is cited as a place of exemplary moral behavior, but a cab driver was honored last week for honesty and kindness that CMC encourages everyone to emulate.

First, after earning a mere 30-cent tip, a cabbie went out of his way to track down a passenger who had left behind a bag containing 31 diamond rings. The honest man later told reporters that he never considered keeping the valuable jewelry. The $100 reward the owner gave him barely covered his expenses for finding her.

“I cannot take a penny for being honest,” Osman Chowdhury later told a reporter, noting that he reluctantly accepted the money to cover fares he lost while trying to track the woman down.

When the hired driver discovered that a suitcase had been left in his trunk – without opening it – he took it to the Manhattan headquarters of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, a drivers’ advocacy group to which he belongs. In the presence of the alliance president, he looked inside and discovered the valuable contents. His efforts to return them went well beyond the call of duty.

This may not seem like an act worthy of national media attention, but it is. Every day, headlines and news broadcasts publicize the things people do wrong. Unfortunately, the exposure often inspires other people to copy those misguided actions.

This is a story that puts the spotlight on something positive, and it’s wonderful that astute local officials presented this humble man with a city commendation for doing the right thing. His good deed truly was deserving of the recognition.

In today’s society, it’s common to encounter people who are unkind. Yet, kindness should be fundamental for Bible-believing Christians. Remember, Acts 10:30 shares how Christ “went about doing good.” His followers also must be kind and do nice things for one another, and a humble cab driver showed how that love can be expressed in everyday encounters.



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