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Graffiti Versus Scripture

Posted by thelamp on February 1, 2007

A good deed in Kentucky drew criticism instead of compliments. Misguided public school officials ordered the removal of Bible verses that had been painted in a girls’ bathroom to cover up graffiti.

Middle school volunteers spent three days painting the Scriptures during the recent winter break because they wanted to get rid of vulgar images and profanity scrawled on the walls. They mistakenly thought their peers and the school’s administration would appreciate looking at upbeat art and inspirational messages.

To the Christian students’ dismay, a parent complained saying that the Scriptures violated students’ constitutional rights. So, under the direction of the superintendent, the Bible verses were covered. It’s sad that the Word drew more ire than the graffiti.

Youth identity is unique and multi-faceted. It can be affected by a multitude of factors including parents, peers, music, school, television, religious influences and life experiences. Of the numerous influences that shape youth, school culture is certainly important.

“When adults stifle religious expression in impressionable teens, they also send the message that biblical guidance is inappropriate in a public setting. The Bible should not be relegated to a particular segment a Christian’s life,” said Pastor Rod Parsley. “Unfortunately, restriction on religious expression is a result of the increasing secularism of American life.” Considering the negative influences that bombard adolescents daily through media and hip-op culture, words of morality should be encouraged not eliminated.



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