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Promote Ethical Stem-Cell Research

Posted by thelamp on January 18, 2007

Last week, medical researchers embarked on a new era. The catalyst was the fabulous news from scientists at Wake Forest University and Harvard Medical School. They discovered therapeutic potential in stem cells found in human amniotic fluid.

Pro-life enthusiasts across America lauded the great promise of advancing cures for dozens of diseases without endangering human embryos. Yet many members of Congress didn’t bother pausing long enough to digest the true enormity and significance of the announcement. Instead, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and company pressed forward with plans to channel millions of tax dollars into human embryonic stem-cell research.

Click here to ask President Bush to fulfill his pledge to veto the Stem-Cell Research Enhancement Act.

“Unequivocally, there is no compelling reason why taxpayers should finance unethical research,” said Pastor Rod Parsley. “Christians should never tolerate or condone disregard for the sanctity of human life. The argument that untold medical cures for the living outweigh the death of an undeveloped embryo has never been biblically sound. The position is even more indefensible in light of the new, life-preserving discoveries.”

The bill, H.R. 3, easily passed in the U.S. House of Representatives Jan. 11 by a 253 to 174 vote. If the U.S. Senate also passes the measure and the president vetoes it as promised, 290 representatives and 67 senators would be required to override the veto. The Senate will be taking up its version of the bill, S. 5, within the next few weeks.

On Jan. 11, the White House issued a Statement of Administrative Policy (SAP) voicing President Bush’s strong opposition to the use of taxpayer dollars for this objectionable purpose.

“Destroying nascent human life for research raises serious ethical problems, and millions of Americans consider the practice immoral,” the White House position statement said. The Center for Moral Clarity agrees, and encourages its members to support the president’s decision to once again veto this bill if, or when, it passes in the Senate.

Want to know more about human embryonic stem-cell research?
Click here to download the Domestic Policy Council’s report, “Advancing Stem Cell Science Without Destroying Human Life.”



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