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Spring Break Getting More Immoral

Posted by thelamp on December 21, 2006

The Business Guild in Key West, Florida, announced it is taking Spring Break to a “whole new level” by hosting a Gay Spring Break aimed at college students. Steve Smith, president of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association, said the event “will introduce the next generation of gay and lesbian tourists to events and facilities that specifically cater to them.”

The chairman for the Business Guild’s new event is promoting the spring bash as “one of the nation’s hottest gay parties.” It will feature six weeks of homosexual frolicking on the beach, dance parties, drag shows, men-only and women-only events, meet-and-greet receptions, contests and various recreational opportunities.

It’s bad enough that teens and very young adults are tempted to delve into promiscuous behavior through the allure of binge drinking and wild parties that have given the week its well-deserved depraved reputation. However, enticing and making money off desperate young people rather than offering them a wholesome respite from their studies is a new low for homosexual activists. Will they stop at nothing in their efforts to legitimize “alternative” lifestyles?

“Despite the fact that homosexuals tend to be better educated and have higher per capita incomes than the general population, those advantages are not translated into happiness,” said Pastor Rod Parsley. “Researchers uncovered the disturbing fact that gays turn toward drugs and alcohol in disproportionate numbers in an effort to ease their pains and drown their sorrows.”

What may seem like a tempting weekend could be the start of down-hill spiral, from which it could take years to recover. A simple bad choice of participating in “Gay Spring Break” could have long-lasting consequences.

The fact is, the homosexual world is rife with revolutionary rhetoric – and it has carefully mobilized itself to translate that rhetoric into action. Ready or not, here they come. The agenda is obvious.

Christian youth must not surrender. They must have the strength to fight this radical “cultural diversity.”



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