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Compromising Marriage in New Jersey

Posted by thelamp on December 21, 2006

Question: When is marriage not marriage? Answer: When the Bible is compromised, as it was last week in New Jersey.

Following a state Supreme Court decision that required the New Jersey legislature to provide equal treatment for same-gender couples, lawmakers passed a civil union bill on Dec. 14. The bill creates a new legal arrangement that provides the benefits and responsibilities of marriage, but isn’t called marriage.

“Some lawmakers consider the move a compromise, since the unions will not be called marriage. Instead, it’s a compromising move that further unravels the fabric of society,” said Pastor Rod Parsley. “The word has been preserved, but the institution of marriage has been weakened at its foundation.”

Last week, New Jersey became the third state in the union – joining Vermont and Connecticut – to recognize civil unions with all of the privileges of marriage, while Massachusetts has fully legalized “faux” marriage.

The New Jersey bill passed the Assembly 56-19 and the Senate 23-12. The legislature’s overwhelming approval of a homosexual civil-unions bill has troubling ramifications for the Garden State and the entire nation. Legalization of same-sex marriage is just another step to eliminating all restrictions on sexuality and marriage as a whole. The words “husband” and “wife” are about to lose their meaning.

In the face of increasing immorality, Bible-believing Christians must continue preaching the Gospel to discourage other states from putting the stamp of approval on homosexual relationships. Christians should not be deterred from carrying out Christ’s command to be salt and light in their society. It is time for believers to be the children of God referenced in Romans 8, a people “led by the spirit of God” to take on evil influences in popular culture.



2 Responses to “Compromising Marriage in New Jersey”

  1. maryanne said

    Yes very sad situation for mankind which is hurtling at a fast rate to perdition!Woe betide us for sitting by and doing nothing.The saddest part is that we Christians don’t think we ought to be doing something about this shift that is sweeping across the world at a very fast pace.
    Lord Have Mercy on us!!

  2. The Lamp said


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