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TV Viewers Want Less Sex and Violence

Posted by thelamp on December 14, 2006

A new poll reveals powerful evidence that Americans would prefer to see more of their religious values reflected in television programming. On Nov. 29, Zogby International and the American Bible Society released a finding that, contrary to popular belief, the public is interested in moral-infused entertainment options on both the small and silver screens.

Since its inception in 2004, the Center for Moral Clarity has been a voice for decency in media. The American Bible Society shares CMC’s belief that the desire for morality and values in popular culture has been ignored by those making decision about television programming.

To back up that belief, the Bible Society set out to turn its theory into fact. The Bible Society and Zogby International, a prominent polling organization, conducted a survey. It tested the hypotheses of the demand for decency in America.

The poll, entitled “What Is More Offensive on Television: Religion or Sex and Violence?” was conducted by Zogby International from Nov. 17 through Nov. 20.
The results indicate that 85 percent of American viewers want more religious values, more references to the Bible, and less sex and violence shown on television. That contradicts what most television networks and advertising executives argue in defense of the incessant sex and violence.

The Bible plays a critical role in the ongoing development of our culture and the social fabric of our country. Although America is a nation of many faiths, and in some instances no faith, Americans still believe that the Bible’s teachings and values are an essential part of our common character.

With their theory proven true in the results of the Zogby poll, the Bible Society aims to open up a much-needed debate on values and faith-based messages in popular culture.

“Television has become America’s drug of choice – a kind of electronic Valium. It seems that producers and TV executives are going out of their way to see how far they can stretch the viewing public’s tolerance for taboo,” said Pastor Rod Parsley. He added, “Of course, they have the right to peddle this trash to viewers, but they should have the decency not to.”

The Zogby poll results negate the commonly held reasoning of advertising and marketing professionals who argue that continued censorship of television shows and movies by removing faith and value based messages will yield higher profits. These results send the resounding message to give viewers a choice. The American Bible Society should be applauded for challenging media executives to heed the truth.



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