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Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act Coming to a Vote

Posted by thelamp on November 30, 2006

A woman thinking about ending her pregnancy should be told that her baby will feel intense pain during the procedure. An important piece of legislation now pending in Congress would require abortion providers to share this life-saving information. It’s called the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act, and the U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote on it next week.

Urgent action requested!
Click here to send an e-mail to your representatives in Congress and urge them to pass the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act

The Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act is a priority when Congress reconvenes next week. The measure needs support from two-thirds of the House to pass. Right now, 93 representatives have signed on as co-sponsors. More votes are needed, so please encourage your legislators to vote for it.

Every woman considering abortion deserves to be fully informed. If this bill becomes law, women will receive vital information that will help them make the right decision about the life growing inside their wombs.

The fact is, by the time a baby is 20 weeks old, its internal organs and systems for feeling pain are completely developed. Research conducted at the University of Arkansas Medical Center and University College London have confirmed that babies do have the ability to feel pain.

Even if the mother receives medication for pain she will endure, the medicine may not prevent pain in the child. She should be told this as well. When women realize that their babies will suffer before they die, most will choose to give life.

Urging Congress to give women the information they need and deserve is a life-saving endeavor. Please e-mail your representative today!


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