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Schools Should Promote Patriotism, not Alternative Lifestyles

Posted by thelamp on November 22, 2006

Left-leaning, liberal activists have successfully taken God and prayer out of schools. Now they are targeting patriotism. On Nov. 14, the San Francisco Board of Education voted 4-2 to eliminate the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corp, better known as JROTC.

Why? Apparently the military’s “Don’t ask; Don’t tell” policy on homosexuality, offends school officials, who have said it is discriminatory. This is ludicrous. In high school, sexual orientation should not be an issue at all. The focus for students should be preparation for contributing to society and embarking on meaningful, healthy adult lives.

Instead of emphasizing the value of a well-balanced education, the school board has allowed activists to hijack the system and distract young people away from what matters most. Without a doubt, other education systems across the country will follow San Francisco’s misguided decision.

“Young people deserve instruction in leadership, which is essential in the increasing immorality of contemporary culture,” said Pastor Rod Parsley. “As with other important training, like prayer and abiding by God’s laws for society, it will be up to parents to provide guidance outside the school walls.”

This decision will deprive children of self-discipline, devotion to the nation and, consequently, it will hurt the country.



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