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Right for the Wrong Reason

Posted by thelamp on November 22, 2006

A key advisor to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton told abortion-rights supporters that the Democratic Party needs to accommodate the views of pro-lifers among their ranks. The comments were made just a week after life-protecting Democrats  – such as Bob Casey, who took Rick Santorum’s Pennsylvania seat in the Senate – helped their party take control of both chambers in the U.S. Congress.

Speaking at the annual meeting of the Family Planning Advocates of New York State on Nov. 16, Howard Wolfson said, “I think the Democrats are going to have to be a party of broad views.”

Wolfson’s boss, the senator from New York, is a favorite among potential 2008 Democratic presidential contenders. She also supported Casey’s recent successful campaign, despite criticism from fellow abortion-rights supporters.
Wolfson said that while the Democrats comprise “the party of pro-choice America,” they needed to be open to anti-abortion candidates in order to have continued success on the political front.

He’s only partly correct. America does need to elect candidates committed to championing the sanctity of life. But the reason has nothing to do with promoting partisan politics. It’s a matter of righteousness.

“The number one issue for Bible believers and other values voters is life. There’s no question that life is the defining issue of our times,” said Pastor Rod Parsley. “But this is an issue that is not driven by politics. Those Americans who defend life are motivated by the biblical mandate to be salt and light in the world.”

“Candidates who only pay lip service to life won’t be legislators courageous enough to enact laws to protect life,” Pastor Parsley added.

Values voters must be cautious not to elect these impostors for the wrong reason, even if they say the right thing on the campaign trail.


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