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One More Reason to Avoid Embryonic Stem Cells

Posted by thelamp on November 22, 2006

Research on stem cells from human embryos poses an ethical dilemma for Christians because the procedure has not been performed successfully without destroying the tiny life that is developing. The risk is not limited to the unborn cell donor. Scientists now have evidence that the health of embryonic stem-cell recipients also may be in jeopardy.

“The possibility of curing diseases must not advance at the expense of any existing life,” said Pastor Rod Parsley, an advocate for ethical medical research. “Every life matters, whether it’s a day-old, a month-old, seconds from leaving the birth canal or seasoned by years of longevity.”

Various methods of transplanting cells are being explored to treat Parkinson’s Disease, which is occurs when certain cells in the brain die. As a result of this cell loss, Parkinson’s patients suffer muscle dysfunction that can lead to paralysis. So, the idea behind brain-cell transplants is to replace the dead cells.

However, in October, researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York presented a practical reason to be leery of human embryonic stem cells: they might cause brain tumors. According to an article published in the scientific journal, Nature Medicine, stem cells injected into lab animals started growing in a way that could eventually lead to a tumor.

It’s immoral to destroy human embryos to extract their stem cells. It’s also unconscionable to subject people to the risk of adverse side effects in the quest to develop a cure for others. Clearly, human embryonic stem-cell research ought to be abandoned.


One Response to “One More Reason to Avoid Embryonic Stem Cells”

  1. Peter Browning said

    How can christians possibly believe that it is a sin to kill a potential human, however microscopic and non aware, in order to cure a desease that has killed thousands if not millions over history. If God created us, and we figured it out, then isn’t that part of the devine plan? And what were the christians thinking when they slaughtered thousands of Muslims during the crusades in the name of God? That was ok? I beg to differ and I believe the ability of humans to discover a cure and rid humanity of certain life threatening deseases is by default an act of God and therefore should proceed immediately and without delay.

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