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Neutrality is Better Than Supporting Abortion

Posted by thelamp on November 22, 2006

The leader of the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus, Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., is urging global human-rights advocates at Amnesty International to resist pressure from abortion activists, who want the organization to adopt a pro-abortion position. Smith is leading an admirable undertaking.

In press conference this week, Smith discussed a strongly worded letter that he and 73 members of Congress sent to Amnesty International’s executive director. The letter implores the organization to maintain a neutral position – or adopt a pro-life view that abortion destroys the human rights of women and children.
The Center for Moral Clarity emphatically agrees with the letter’s position that a decision to support or condone abortion would “significantly undermine Amnesty’s reputation and effectiveness.”

Despite pressure from abortion proponents, Amnesty International has consistently said it “takes no position on whether or not women have a right to choose to terminate unwanted pregnancies; there is no generally accepted right to abortion in international human rights law.”

“That’s correct. There is no human right to kill an unborn child,” said Pastor Rod Parsley. “So, it would be contrary to everything Amnesty International stands for to take a stance that supports violence against children.”

A final decision on whether the worldwide human-rights group will retain its neutral position could be made its next international meeting, which will be held during August of 2007 in Mexico. Representatives from member countries affiliated with Amnesty International will probably vote on what position it should take on the issue of abortion.

Preserving life would be the preferable choice. But it would be better for the organization to remain neutral than for it to be persuaded to accept abortion as a human right. Such a decision would position Amnesty International to begin filing lawsuits on behalf of women in nations where abortion is illegal.

The right to life is the basic human right.


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