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It Will Be a “Merry Christmas” at Wal-Mart

Posted by thelamp on November 22, 2006

Wal-Mart is changing its tune this Christmas. When Christians go holiday shopping on Friday, they can enjoy the spirit-filled music of Christmas carols playing in the background. That’s not all – Wal-Mart is encouraging its sales associates to say “Merry Christmas” in addition to “Happy Holidays” this season.

Last year, Wal-Mart was vilified after it banned employees from using the expression “Merry Christmas” to greet shoppers. The Center for Moral Clarity was outraged because the word “Christmas” virtually disappeared and was replaced by the generic use of “Holiday.”

“The Bible clearly states there is only one way to heaven – through a relationship with God’s Son, Jesus Christ. The celebration of Christmas is how Christians rejoice in that relationship,” said Pastor Rod Parsley. “One of my greatest thrills as a minister is to witness men, women and children celebrating their relationship with God’s Son.”

The retailer said it didn’t want to offend people who do not celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Instead, Christians were offended, many of whom threatened to boycott the store if the ban stood.

Wal-Mart took notice and made a number of changes for this year, including renaming The Holiday Shop, which carries decorations and other items. This year it will be called The Christmas Shop. Other recognition in honor of the day celebrating the birth of Jesus includes a “Days ‘til Christmas” sign with a countdown to Dec. 25. Merchandise previously labeled “Holiday” will acknowledge the Christmas spirit.

Wal-Mart is not alone. Other retailers, such as Kohl’s and Walgreens, also are giving Christians what they want: recognition that the celebration of Christ’s birth is significant. It’s not just another holiday.



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