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Good News: Abortion Foe Will Lead Family Planning

Posted by thelamp on November 22, 2006

A doctor known for his commitment to pro-life advocacy is President George W.  Bush’s choice to oversee the federal government’s family planning efforts.  That’s why abortion activists are chiding the appointment of Dr. Eric James Keroack, a gynecologist who supervises five crisis pregnancy centers in Massachusetts.

On Nov. 17, Democrats asked President Bush to reconsider Keroack’s appointment. This is a top position supervising federal family-planning programs. Pastor Rod Parsley and his Center for Moral Clarity emphatically insist that the deputy assistant secretary for Health and Human Services be a supporter of teaching teenagers abstinence, rather than someone who would shove contraception in their hands. This support must be wholehearted and enthusiastic.

Keroack has consistently persuaded those he calls “abortion-vulnerable women” to go through with their pregnancies. In his new position as deputy assistant secretary for Health and Human Services, Keroack will be responsible for advising Secretary Michael O. Leavitt “on a wide range of health topics, including adolescent pregnancy, family planning and other population issues,” according to his job description.

This doctor’s track record  – as a pioneer in using medical arguments for discouraging women from having abortions and teenagers from having sex -makes him an ideal leader to establish the direction for national family planning. Values voters should thank the president for making this prudent choice.
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Keroack was one of the first doctors to really get involved in the medical aspect of pregnancy resource centers. Those who know him have said Keroack made personal sacrifices to help women undergo ultrasounds, which influenced their decisions to do what was right in the life-or-death decision of their unborn babies.

The use of ultrasound images to see fetuses of little babies has been a critical weapon in the battle for life. When a woman sees the moving image of the life in her womb, more often than not, she chooses not to destroy the unborn child. Crisis pregnancy centers that offer these ultrasounds have proliferated across the country in recent years. There are now more crisis pregnancy centers than abortion clinics.

Consequently, this appointment is an apt reward for Keroack’s trailblazing accomplishments. His appointment is also good for America. The nation needs to abandon the notion that a fetus is nothing more than a clump of cells. This is an earnest way to make a move in that direction.


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