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Bedford Texas: A Parent-Friendly City

Posted by thelamp on November 22, 2006

Members of the City Council in Bedford, Texas, deserve a round of applause and heart-felt appreciation for taking a stand against the local Planned Parenthood, which distributes contraceptives and refers minors to abortion clinics without parental consent.

On Nov. 14, the council approved a resolution to make residents aware that Planned Parenthood circumvents parents guiding their adolescent children toward Spiritual relationships and away from the temptations of the flesh – including pre-marital intimacy, which often is the first step on the treacherous road to abortion.

The 5-2 vote drew resounding approval from the resolution’s supporters, who had packed the council chambers. Kudos also go to members of the Northeast Tarrant County Right to Life Educational Association, which presented a petition signed by 41 pastors and priests.

The resolution does not have any legal authority, but it clearly expresses the community sentiment. Another benefit is that the resolution calls for state legislation to require parental notification if minors seek birth control or abortion referrals from any health provider.

“This is the kind of governmental support parents desperately need to maintain healthy families. It is the right thing to do,” said Pastor Rod Parsley.

Parents have a moral and biblical obligation to direct their teens, who are adults in training. Efforts to cut parents out of live-altering decisions must be curtained. Every time parents in cities like Bedford exhibit such courage, it gives other parents the fortitude to protect their rights – and their children.



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