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Science and Scripture on the Same Page: Preserving Life

Posted by thelamp on November 16, 2006

There’s wonderful news in the Nov. 7 issue of Cytotherapy, a journal of medical research. A report from the University of Minnesota describes a remarkable and promising breakthrough by researchers. For the first time, stems cells found in umbilical cord blood have been transformed into a kind of cell found in lungs.

“As Christians, we should seize the moment and capitalize on these advances, rather than destroy human life,” said Pastor Parsley.” Click here to read the Center for Moral Clarity’s position on medical research.

Although the benefit for now is limited to research purposes, this newly discovered technology should be advanced because of its potential to help cure or treat such diseases as emphysema and cystic fibrosis. The best result, though, is that this innovation does not jeopardize existing life. That’s the problem Bible believers have with human embryonic stem-cell research.

The issue of stem-cell research encompasses two types of stem cells – those taken from embryos and those taken from children or adults. Advances for treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, diabetes, degenerative diseases of the eye and leukemia are just a few of the diseases that have benefited from some form of adult stem-cell research. Research on adult stem cells does not place the donor at risk, so there isn’t an ethical dilemma for Christians to consider.

The Center for Moral Clarity heralds the exploration of cord blood cells for that same reason. These cells have characteristics like an embryonic stem cell, yet using them does not put existing life at risk for the sake of medical advances. It’s refreshing when science and Scripture aren’t approaching life from opposing corners.


One Response to “Science and Scripture on the Same Page: Preserving Life”

  1. I don’t believe in abortion in general and especially not these late term abortions. I believe that a baby is a BABY at conception. I have also been reading about a group that is advocating some type of just after birth euthanasia…a baby that is born with some type of handicap can be euthanized just after is born. These things just appall me. Thanks for putting things like this out for people to read.

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