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Property Owners Prevailed, Too

Posted by thelamp on November 16, 2006

Analysis of the Nov. 7 election focused heavily on values voters’ support for constitutional amendments protecting marriage across the country. But there was another issue that also garnered their broad endorsement: eminent domain. Eminent domain is all about justice for property owners.

Eight states – Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New Hampshire, Michigan, North Dakota, Oregon and South Carolina – overwhelmingly passed measures to limit the government’s power to take land from its citizens. Action at the ballot box was prompted by anger over the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2005 decision in Kelo v. New London, a case originating in Connecticut.

In that ruling, the nation’s highest court upheld the right of local officials to sell homes and business and give the land to private developers in an effort to increase a city’s tax base. That was an outrageous decision, and voters were correct to protect their property by limiting their local governments.

“The abuse of eminent domain contradicts justice,” said pastor Parsley. “The government exists to protect the people, not profit from them while promoting the interests of wealthy developers.”

In the year since the Supreme Court handed down its unjust ruling, citizens in 34 states have adopted laws or passed ballot measures to reverse the effect of the ruling, and that demonstrates very clearly that the people do have power, when they choose to use it.



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