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Once Again, Liberal Judge Overrules Voters

Posted by thelamp on November 16, 2006

A day after the Nov. 7 election, a federal judge showed America the value of voters’ wishes by blocking enforcement of a ballot measure designed to crack down on sex offenders. The judge ruled the law was unconstitutional even though voters overwhelmingly approved it.

The so-called Jessica’s Law prohibits registered sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of a school or park, effectively banning parolees from many California communities. It also requires lifetime satellite tracking for some paroled sex criminals upon their release from prison.

More than 70 percent of voters approved the initiative at the ballot box. Just hours after the results were announced, an unidentified sex offender filed a lawsuit, arguing that the measure should apply only to offenders who register after the law was approved.

U.S. District Judge Susan Illston ruled that the measure “is punitive by design and effect” and probably unconstitutional. She issued a temporary restraining order against the law’s residency requirements, saying the plaintiff was likely to prevail. The judge also ordered a hearing scheduled for Nov. 27.

According to the lawsuit, the new law effectively banishes a sex offender “from his home and community for a crime he committed, and paid his debt for, long ago. It is Christian nature to forgive. Forgetting, however, is another matter.

The Center for Moral Clarity commends Attorney General Bill Lockyer, who said the state would defend the law. Research on sex offenders has proven the need for such restrictions, and the will of the people ought to prevail. After all, the law was named for Jessica Lunsford, a 9-year-old Florida girl who was kidnapped, raped and killed last year by a convicted sex offender.



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