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Voters Reject South Dakota Abortion Ban

Posted by thelamp on November 9, 2006

Pro-life advocates made a valiant effort to ban nearly all abortions in South Dakota, but voters rejected the measure at the ballot box on Tuesday. Fifty-six percent of ballots cast opposed the prohibition, which would have been the strictest abortion law in the nation.

Bible believers across the country anxiously awaited the outcome of this ballot initiative because of its potential leverage in getting the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn its 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade, which made abortion on demand legal in America. The debate in South Dakota didn’t focus exclusively on outlawing abortion but on the absence of a provision for victims of rape and incest. Even though the public was split, the fact that 45 percent of voters favored it indicates the sanctity of life has an abundance of champions in the state.

Supporters need not worry, though, because the battle for life is not over. The legislation on the Nov. 7 ballot was ideal, a best-case scenario. Lawmakers still have the option of passing a less restrictive abortion law that includes exceptions.

Since 1973, an estimated 44 million babies have been aborted – 1.5 million innocent lives ended every year. That’s one every twenty seconds. Understandably, advocates for life wanted to save them all.


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