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States Forced to Enact Immigration Laws

Posted by thelamp on November 9, 2006

The American Civil Liberties Union and other groups sued the California city of Escondido last week in an effort to overturn a new law that punishes landlords for renting to illegal immigrants.

Earlier in the week, a federal judge blocked the city of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, from enforcing a measure that also sought to restrict renting to illegal immigrants. In both instances, the legal action focused on requirements that were deemed burdensome for landlords, while ignoring the underlying issue of illegal immigration.

Preserving the quality of life for families is extremely important to both Pastor Parsley and the Center for Moral Clarity.

Illegal immigration affects American families. That’s why the federal government must stop dragging its feet and create a system that upholds the nation’s laws, reflects its values and serves the interests of the national economy.

That means America should have secure borders, and its citizens have a duty to support efforts to enforce immigration laws. Scripture, of course, requires Bible-believers to treat aliens with justice. So, America must also have a rational, humane guest-worker program. “Our nation is compassionate enough to allow our neighbors the opportunity to work temporarily to provide for their own families,” Pastor Parsley said. “But they must seek those jobs legally, and adhere to all applicable immigration laws.”

The absence of comprehensive immigration reform has forced states to enact their own laws, even though the U.S. Constitution specifically charges Congress with that responsibility. It’s not an easy task, but legislators have a duty to tackle it. A fence along the border, as Congress voted to install just before adjourning for the election, will not resolve the issues in California and Pennsylvania.

More controversy and strife lay ahead for America. The longer Congress delays true, meaningful immigration reform, the more opportunity the ACLU has to determine critical public policy through lawsuits. If it’s true, as President Bush has speculated, that Tuesday’s change in Congressional leadership will make it easier to pass a reasonable, comprehensive immigration law, that would be a positive outcome from the results of the mid-term elections.



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