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America Votes to Change Its Leaders, But Not Its Values

Posted by thelamp on November 9, 2006

Up and down the ticket, citizens clearly showed on Tuesday that they desired a change in leadership. But, it’s unequivocal that the demise of the ‘values voter’ has been prematurely reported.

The Nov. 7 election results in no way imply that values voters are not an influential constituency on the American political landscape. The results are more a reflection of unique circumstances and timing, as voters focused on other issues – such as rescent reports of scandal and corruption by government leaders.

Survey after survey has shown that people of faith are a key component of the electorate. This has not changed, and the Center for Moral Clarity doesn’t expect it to. Values voters understand that the most important place they can exercise their faith is not in their sanctuaries, but in the public square.

Turnout at the polls was strong, which was uncharacteristic for a mid-term election when the president isn’t on the ballot.

“I’m incredibly pleased with the turnout across the nation for this important election,” said Pastor Rod Parsley, founder and president of the Center for Moral Clarity. “As the leader of a grassroots organization, I have advocated for everyone’s voice to be heard, and it’s gratifying to see that all kinds of voters have taken that call seriously. Democracy works best when we are all heard in the court of public opinion.” Click here to read Pastor Parsley’s complete statement on the Nov. 7 election results.



One Response to “America Votes to Change Its Leaders, But Not Its Values”

  1. cdunn said

    I think Pastor Rod Parsley is right about the election. It was more a judgement of the Republican party itself, rather than a shift in ideology in America. I am not too worried about liberals like Pelosi taking our country in the wrong direction. Her leadership is already being challenged. There are plenty of conservative Dems. in Congress to balance things out. “Blue Dog Democrat” will become a common phrase in conservations about politics over the next two years .

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