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Time’s Running Out! Sign the PBA Petition Today.

Posted by thelamp on October 26, 2006

In less than two weeks, on Nov. 8, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments supporting and opposing the federal ban on partial birth abortions. Then the nine justices will decide once and for all if the 2003 federal law banning partial-birth abortion is constitutional.
Click here to sign the CMC petition to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Partial-birth abortion is nothing more than the torture and murder of innocent babies. The Center for Moral Clarity wants to let the court know how strongly Americans oppose this procedure. Congress enacted the ban, and the President of the United States signed it into law. Now is the time for all of God’s people to make their voices heard.

This case is about public policy, and which branch of government is charged with crafting that policy for the nation. The Center for Moral Clarity firmly believes that American citizens, through their elected representatives in Congress, are the rightful vessels of power to determine public policy decisions. Part of CMC’s mission is to be a voice for Christians on such matters. That’s why CMC submitted a friend of the court brief supporting the ban. Here is an excerpt from that brief:

The American system of government is dependent upon the proper role of its branches. The Legislative body is the policy-making body, making difficult policy decisions for the country after extensive deliberation, debate, and analysis in representing the people. As the Founders of this country and centuries of American jurisprudence attest, the Legislature is in a much better position to serve this role than the Courts. In fact, when a court oversteps into policymaking, it directly restricts the liberty and freedom of The People and their representative body – Congress.

Partial-birth abortion is a deep public policy issue involving many complex issues of life and death, medicine, psychology, societal impacts, and increased callousness, among many other concerns. Congress can properly and fully consider such concerns, in public and through the exchange of ideas. It is their role.


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