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Planned Parenthood Celebrates Another Birthday

Posted by thelamp on October 26, 2006

Last week, Planned Parenthood celebrated its 90th birthday. Abortion supporters across the nation have sent “birthday” messages, which the organization posted on its Web site.

One message pondered where the country would be had Margaret Sanger not founded the first clinic in 1916. That’s a good question, and the Center for Moral Clarity finds the answer to be very troubling.

“Because of Planned Parenthood, mothers and fathers have been forced to fight for the right to be the concerned, involved parents God intended,” said Pastor Rod Parsley, president and founder of he Center for Moral Clarity. “In both Oregon and California, parents have turned to the political process to replace what Planned Parenthood has taken from them.

In those two states, the Nov. 7 ballots will put parental notification of a girl’s impending abortion up for a vote.

Because of Planned Parenthood, young women are lured into promiscuity under the false promise of “safe sex.” Young men are no longer expected to honor chastity and virtue in their prospective spouses. Physical intimacy is no longer a component of marriage intended for procreation.

The risks of disease and pregnancy have become inconsequential. What penicillin or other antibiotics can’t cure, the morning-after pill will.

Because of Planned Parenthood, 42 million children were never born. That’s certainly not a reason to celebrate.


2 Responses to “Planned Parenthood Celebrates Another Birthday”

  1. Judi said

    yo whats up

  2. I haven’t gotten anything done today. My life’s been dull today, but shrug. I can’t be bothered with anything recently, but oh well. I’ve just been sitting around doing nothing. What can I say? So it goes.

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