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On my mind…

Posted by thelamp on October 21, 2006

For the past couple of weeks there has been some things on my mind.  I guess it is one of those things you don’t realize the complexity or the wholeness of those things until you put those things onto paper.  So I am attempting to put those things for this post.

Last week I was honored to attend a Bible Conference in San Antonio hosted by the Door Christian Fellowship (to learn more about them, please visit  Although prior to this conference God had placed burdens upon my heart for the lost (those who have not given their heart to Jesus); however, the need became a bit more pressing regarding the time (rather the lack of time) in which we need to reach those people while still understanding we must also make sure our hearts are right with God as to not be disqualified as well (as Paul states).

150,000…That is the estimated number of people who die every day and step into eternity.  Based on what the Bible records many will go to Hell awaiting the Judgement mentioned towards the end of Revelation where those (as well as others (that is a whole other topic of discussion)) will be sent to the Lake of Fire with Death, Hell, and Satan.  I do not wish to labor upon what or where the Lake of Fire is, but I do want to speak reagrding the need before us. 

It is said that 98% of born-again Christians never share their faith to someone.  Why is that?  Perhaps we did not truly repent of our sins because of a lie told to us that if we say a prayer when we were 7 and live in sin we’re still going to Heaven and now we question the truth in if we are who we say we are.  Perhaps we are more concerned about losing the whole world that we don’t care about our soul (Jesus spoke of this, this is also possibly similar in regards to Esau giving up his birthright for a bowl of lintels).   Perhaps we are told “we’re the only {church/denomination} that’s going to Heaven” and so we don’t care about anyone else.  Again a lie from Hell.  Perhaps we’re too busy with our children’s soccer practice rather than making time for outreaching (although outreaching can be done at any time and any where). 

Maybe perhaps we just don’t know what to say or how quite to say it.  If this is you, please visit

Perhaps, though, if we were to be really honest maybe we don’t really believe in Hell.  Maybe not that we don’t believe in the place called Hell, but that people don’t quite believe in the seriousness of being eternally separated from God.  And not just that, those who are in Hell will one time end up in the Lake of Fire.  There is no second chance, there’s no breaks, there’s no party.  Many wonder what Hell be like.  The speaks often of Hell (mostly because God never intends us to go).  But let’s continue to explore why we don’t believe in Hell.  Perhaps it’s we have excused ourselves into believing that we’re not quite bad enough to go there. 

Now let me say this, if you truly have repented of your sins (I John 1:8-9) then you’re are forgiven.  If you continue to live a repentant life, then you’ll go to Heaven.  The only difference between a true Christian and a non-Christian is one thing: being forgiven.  Christians are not better or anything but forgiven.

Maybe, though, (continuing from the thought above) we take our salvation to lightly and so we are greatful “we’re not going to Hell” but don’t cherish the fact that we can easily jeoprdize that free gift.  Paul equates are Christian walk to a race (a marathon).  He says that we must press toward the prize (meaning complete the race).  Why?  Because it doesn’t necessarily matter when or what manner we began the race.  It does–to a point–not matter how we run the race (we do need to live clean and be used for God’s purposes).  It matters how we end the race.  If we end the race and fall short, no one is blame but ourselves. 

Perhaps when we realize that we could disqualify ourselves, then we truly can appreciate the gift of salvation.  However, it’s more than just going to church, reading your Bible, and praying.

Samuel was coined by saying “behold to obey is better than sacrifice”.  God also continues this thought in Isaiah chapter 1 regardig worhsip presented before God.  Although both are Old Testament I believe those are still powerful, profound, and even prophetic of even this age.  We have no problem agreeing to go to a football game with our dad when he asks us, yet God asks us to tell someone about Him and we disobey.  Our dad tells us to clean our rooms.  Reluctantly, we do.  However, God tells us to spend some time with Him and we’re too busy.  Our dads didn’t have us stay up late and do things that we shouldn’t do and we have no problem staying out late and doing things that the Bible clearly states are sin.  Why?  Because there is no fear of God.  We have no problem believing God is a God of love.  We have no problem is the “spiritual sense” of saying God is our father; yet we disobey our Father.  Why?  Because we tend to believe and follow what we can “see” than someone we “cannot see”.  Let me ask this question: how much more dedication, love, or respect do we have towards our earthly father (who, like us, will perish if he doesn’t give his heart to Jesus) than our Father in Heaven?

I believe once we understand the seriousness of our devotion to God (real devotion, not that sappy garbage that is fake), then we can be better Christians.  (I would dare consider real Christians as those who are listed in Voice of the Martyrs).  The reality of the difficulty with reaching the lost is simple: keeping it real.  If we trully believe in “Christianity” then we (like Jesus did) would do anything we can to stop people from going to hell.  But if Christians truly don’t believe in Hell, why should they?  I pray the Lord will speak into your heart regarding this and encourage you to tell others about Jesus.  Jesus commands everyone to tell everyone about Jesus.  This is not reserved ONLY to pastors and preachers. 

If anyone wishes to discuss any of these things further, questions, comments, whatever…Please contact me at but please primarily post your stuff below.  God bless!

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