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Tragedy Offers Lesson in Love, Forgiveness

Posted by thelamp on October 18, 2006

The nation was numbed recently when a deeply tormented milkman entered an Amish school, lined 10 girls in front of a chalkboard and open fired, killing five as well as himself. Every life is special. The premeditated killing of another human being is a violation of a very basic and fundamental moral principle—a moral principle that Bible-believers hold dear: the sanctity of human life.

As devastating as this violent tragedy was, the victims’ families responded with genuine forgiveness as taught in the New Testament. Amid the grieving, before the fallen youth had been laid to rest, their killer – 31-year-old Charles Carl Roberts – had been forgiven.

Immediately following the massacre, the local pastor and members of the girls’ families stood next to the body of a 13-year-old girl. Her grandfather used the occasion to witness and teach one of the most valuable messages of the Gospel: forgive others of their transgressions against you.

“We must not think evil of this man,” admonished the grandfather. The congregation’s pastor described it as one of the most touching moments in his 25 years of Christian ministry.

As proof that his sin had been absolved, members of the devastated Amish community attended the murder’s funeral. Believers are instructed to defer anger and glorify the Lord by passing over a transgression. That mandate often is easier said than done.

The Center for Moral Clarity is committed to defending biblical truth and restoring the nation’s wayward culture. That mission is not only fulfilled by pointing out society’s failures. It’s also incumbent upon CMC to exalt uncommon character and acts of Christian love. This is one.


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