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Sign the Partial Birth Abortion Petition

Posted by thelamp on October 18, 2006

Advocates for life are eager to have their day in court, and it’s just a couple weeks away. On Nov. 8, the nine justices of the highest court in the nation will hear oral arguments in two cases involving partial-birth abortion. Click here to sign the CMC petition to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The facts about partial birth abortion are gruesome. The baby is delivered feet first, all but the head. Then the doctor kills the child – in a horribly painful fashion. The majority of Americans find the procedure repugnant.

That’s why Congress outlawed it in 2003; and why President Bush signed the partial-birth abortion ban into law. Planned Parenthood and others have challenged this legislation all the way to the top of the judicial system. Now the nation’s high court must make a life-or-death decision.

Members of the Center for Moral Clarity have been active, vocal warriors in the battle for life. CMC even filed a legal brief with the Supreme Court explaining why justices should uphold the ban. The struggle is not over yet. Pastor Rod Parsley, CMC’s founder and president, implores Bible-believers to pray for each member of the court. Pray that he or she will interpret the law and not legislate from the bench. Pray that they will do the right thing for these precious babies.

Although citizens cannot demand the court’s cooperation, we can encourage them to rule in favor of life. Oftentimes, citizens feel helpless as they see these horrendous activities taking place. Today, there is something you can do.

Click here to sign the petition, which respectfully requests the court to do what is right to save lives. Then ask your family and friends to do the same thing. Forward this link to them today. Also click here to have a copy of the compelling “Almost Born” DVD sent to you for your online gift of any size. “Almost Born” is a tremendous resource to share in your Sunday School, Bible Study or to help educate your friends on the issue


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