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Victory on Internet Gambling

Posted by thelamp on October 15, 2006

It’s now illegal for banks and credit card companies to make payments to foreign online gambling sites. The U.S. Senate adopted the bill in a late-night session of Congress, ending America’s shameful distinction as enabler for the world’s gambling addiction.

This is a wonderful precedent. Values voters have Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., to thank. He championed this legislation and shepherded in the Senate. The bill was the culmination of efforts going back several years by faith and family groups including the Center for Moral Clarity.

Their aim was to curb America’s growing habit of visiting cyberspace to place a wager on a Sunday NFL game, seven-card stud or any other venture that encourages people to trust in fate, rather than divine will. That objective was accomplished.

American families will have a better chance of achieving and maintaining financial stability now that $6 billion won’t be sucked out of the economy every year. Once President Bush signs the bill into law, the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve and the Department of Justice will write the regulations to enforce it. This law needs vigorous enforcement.

This bill does have a weakness. It expressly makes legal bets through the Internet on U.S. horse racing, U.S. Internet lotteries as well as U.S. fantasy sports. The new law also allows Native American tribes to authorize Internet-gaming of almost any kind so long as it occurs wholly within the borders of the state in which they are located.

The same moral objections the Center for Moral Clarity raised against foreign-based gambling are true for gaming run by American companies. Wrong is wrong regardless of who is turning the profit.



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