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Moral Clarity Needed for Students, too

Posted by thelamp on October 15, 2006

Friday is National Coming Out Day, and homosexuals are celebrating all this week. “Coming Out,” of course, refers to “coming out of the closet.” As a part of this effort to legitimize illegitimate lifestyles, Gay-Straight Alliance clubs in high schools across the United States are promoting an event called “Ally Week.” The aim is to encourage teens to pledge their support for making schools safe for their gay classmates.

High school students are at a point in their lives where they can be influenced and swayed away from the foundation their parents have carefully laid out for them. It’s a time of rebellion as well as discovery. Adolescents should not be brainwashed into condoning homosexuality. They should, however, be encouraged to resolve differences with others civilly.

The Center for Moral Clarity supports the “Allies, Too,” campaign created by a fine organization called Exodus. Through the Exodus initiative, Christian students can voice their support for safer schools without compromising their faith in God’s Word. This is a true blessing for young people committed to taking a stand regarding God’s design for sexuality.

The Allies, Too program is commendable because it suggests prayer as part of the solution. Students are asked to pray for their gay peers, that their eyes will be opened to the truth, their hearts made receptive to the Gospel, and that deceitful influ¬ences in their lives will be broken.

Click here for more information on “Allies, Too,” a campaign contributing to moral clarity for high school students.



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