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Court Agrees: Citizens Should Define Marriage

Posted by thelamp on October 15, 2006

Two California appellate judges rendered a righteous ruling last week. They determined that citizens and their elected representatives should define marriage – not the courts. This is a tremendous victory and offers much-needed reassurance that the will of the people will prevail in America.

This exhilarating 2-1 decision upholds California’s same-sex marriage ban and confirms what values voters have been proclaiming all along: the ban does not violate anyone’s constitutional rights. Advocates for same-gender marriage have vowed to take the matter to the state’s highest court. Bring it.

This appellate court’s decision is more than a statement to those challenging marriage as society has defined it since the United States was founded. The California appellate court is also sending a message to judges. Not every member of the bench is an activist ready to usurp the powers belonging to another branch of government.

In the court’s 64-page opinion, Presiding Justice William McGuiness wrote that “courts may not appropriate to themselves the power to change the definition of such a basic social institution.”

Under the leadership of Pastor Rod Parsley, the Center for Moral Clarity has actively campaigned for bans like the one enacted by the California legislature. Bible-believers understand that there has never been a greater threat to the family and institution of marriage than the legalization of same-sex marriage. Americans who want to live in a moral nation cringed in 2003 when four judges in Massachusetts legalized marriage between homosexual couples there. In the three years since, the faithful have maintained hope that the divinely created family structure would endure. (link to story)

According to Pastor Parsley, president and founder of the Center for Moral Clarity, “laws to protect the counterfeit to marriage are just as necessary as laws to protect the nation’s currency from counterfeiting.”

Praise the court’s decision, and pray victories across the various states will motivate lawmakers to resolve the issue for the nation with a marriage protection amendment to the U.S. Constitution.



2 Responses to “Court Agrees: Citizens Should Define Marriage”

  1. It’s refeshing to find an article I can wholly agree with.

  2. Joanne said

    Wow, I thought America was the Land of Freedom, inspired by open minded individuals. Gay people are not asking straight people to be gay or to not get married. They leave you alone, why don’t christians leave gays alone? Do not judge. Jesus loves all of us. Ask yourself this: What will you do when you find out your daugher or son is gay? Deny them happines and tell them they are an abomination, or love them for whom they truly are.

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