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Four Weeks Until Nov. 8

Posted by thelamp on October 15, 2006

Advocates for life are eager to have their day in court, and it’s just a few weeks away. On Nov. 8, the nine justices of the highest court in the nation will hear oral arguments in two cases involving partial-birth abortion. Sign the CMC petition to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The facts about partial birth abortion are gruesome. The baby is delivered feet first, all but the head. Then the doctor kills the child – in a horribly painful fashion. The majority of Americans find the procedure repugnant.

That’s why Congress outlawed it in 2003; and why President Bush signed the partial-birth abortion ban into law. Planned Parenthood and others have challenged this legislation all the way to the top of the judicial system. Now the nation’s high court must make a life-or-death decision.

Members of the Center for Moral Clarity have been active, vocal warriors in the battle for life. CMC even filed a legal brief with the Supreme Court explaining why justices should uphold the ban. The struggle is not over yet. Pastor Rod Parsley, CMC’s founder and president, implores Bible-believers to pray for each member of the court. Pray that he or she will interpret the law and not legislate from the bench. Pray that they will do the right thing.

Although citizens cannot demand the court’s cooperation, we can encourage them to rule in favor of life. Please sign the CMC petition, which respectfully requests the court to do what is right to save lives.


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Court Agrees: Citizens Should Define Marriage

Posted by thelamp on October 15, 2006

Two California appellate judges rendered a righteous ruling last week. They determined that citizens and their elected representatives should define marriage – not the courts. This is a tremendous victory and offers much-needed reassurance that the will of the people will prevail in America.

This exhilarating 2-1 decision upholds California’s same-sex marriage ban and confirms what values voters have been proclaiming all along: the ban does not violate anyone’s constitutional rights. Advocates for same-gender marriage have vowed to take the matter to the state’s highest court. Bring it.

This appellate court’s decision is more than a statement to those challenging marriage as society has defined it since the United States was founded. The California appellate court is also sending a message to judges. Not every member of the bench is an activist ready to usurp the powers belonging to another branch of government.

In the court’s 64-page opinion, Presiding Justice William McGuiness wrote that “courts may not appropriate to themselves the power to change the definition of such a basic social institution.”

Under the leadership of Pastor Rod Parsley, the Center for Moral Clarity has actively campaigned for bans like the one enacted by the California legislature. Bible-believers understand that there has never been a greater threat to the family and institution of marriage than the legalization of same-sex marriage. Americans who want to live in a moral nation cringed in 2003 when four judges in Massachusetts legalized marriage between homosexual couples there. In the three years since, the faithful have maintained hope that the divinely created family structure would endure. (link to story)

According to Pastor Parsley, president and founder of the Center for Moral Clarity, “laws to protect the counterfeit to marriage are just as necessary as laws to protect the nation’s currency from counterfeiting.”

Praise the court’s decision, and pray victories across the various states will motivate lawmakers to resolve the issue for the nation with a marriage protection amendment to the U.S. Constitution.


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Victory on Internet Gambling

Posted by thelamp on October 15, 2006

It’s now illegal for banks and credit card companies to make payments to foreign online gambling sites. The U.S. Senate adopted the bill in a late-night session of Congress, ending America’s shameful distinction as enabler for the world’s gambling addiction.

This is a wonderful precedent. Values voters have Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., to thank. He championed this legislation and shepherded in the Senate. The bill was the culmination of efforts going back several years by faith and family groups including the Center for Moral Clarity.

Their aim was to curb America’s growing habit of visiting cyberspace to place a wager on a Sunday NFL game, seven-card stud or any other venture that encourages people to trust in fate, rather than divine will. That objective was accomplished.

American families will have a better chance of achieving and maintaining financial stability now that $6 billion won’t be sucked out of the economy every year. Once President Bush signs the bill into law, the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve and the Department of Justice will write the regulations to enforce it. This law needs vigorous enforcement.

This bill does have a weakness. It expressly makes legal bets through the Internet on U.S. horse racing, U.S. Internet lotteries as well as U.S. fantasy sports. The new law also allows Native American tribes to authorize Internet-gaming of almost any kind so long as it occurs wholly within the borders of the state in which they are located.

The same moral objections the Center for Moral Clarity raised against foreign-based gambling are true for gaming run by American companies. Wrong is wrong regardless of who is turning the profit.


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Tragedy Offers Lesson in Love, Forgiveness

Posted by thelamp on October 15, 2006

The nation was numbed last week when a deeply tormented milkman entered an Amish school, lined 10 girls in front of a chalkboard and open fired, killing five as well as himself. Every life is special. The premeditated killing of another human being is a violation of a very basic and fundamental moral principle—a moral principle that Bible-believers hold dear: the sanctity of human life.As devastating as this violent tragedy was, the victims’ families responded with genuine forgiveness as taught in the New Testament. Amid the grieving, before the fallen youth had been laid to rest, their killer – 31-year-old Charles Carl Roberts – had been forgiven.

Immediately following the massacre, the local pastor and members of the girls’ families stood next to the body of a 13-year-old girl. Her grandfather used the occasion to witness and teach one of the most valuable messages of the Gospel: forgive others of their transgressions against you.

“We must not think evil of this man,” admonished the grandfather. The congregation’s pastor described it as one of the most touching moments in his 25 years of Christian ministry. As proof that his sin had been absolved, members of the devastated Amish community attended the murder’s funeral. Believers are instructed to defer anger and glorify the Lord by passing over a transgression. That mandate often is easier said than done.

The Center for Moral Clarity is committed to defending biblical truth and restoring the nation’s wayward culture. That mission is not only fulfilled by pointing out society’s failures. It’s also incumbent upon CMC to exalt uncommon character and acts of Christian love. This is one.


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Two Women Wed

Posted by thelamp on October 15, 2006

Most Americans – not just evangelical Christians – want marriage defined as a union between one man and one woman. They’ve said as much loudly and clearly.

“The words ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ are losing their meaning,” said Pastor Rod Parsley, author of the bestselling book, Silent No More. “God defined marriage in His Word. He didn’t ask judges in black robes or two percent of Americans for a new definition.”

The most recent abominable union in Massachusetts was made possible by a court decision and a governor’s unwillingness to challenge that ruling. In 2003, the Massachusetts Supreme Court proclaimed that same-sex marriages were legal there. Consequently, gay couples have been flocking to the New England state for the past three years.

Initially, officials refused to issue a marriage license to the women. Another judge continued the assault on the sanctity of marriage by ruling that the pair has the right to get married in Massachusetts. Why? According to the judge, simply because Rhode Island does not have a law against it.

The governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, has said he doesn’t want his state to become the Las Vegas of same-sex marriage. Yet he didn’t challenge the latest same-sex marriage victory. Instead, he relented rather than further burden Massachusetts courts with an issue that should be decided in Rhode Island.

More gay couples are sure to test the waters.

One of the brides insisted that she and her new wife are not impacting anybody else’s relationships. That’s not true. The two women are raising a family. They have a 3-year-old son, who served as the ring bearer. Their 6-year-old daughter was the flower girl. What could be further from the family structure God designed? This is precisely why the Center for Moral Clarity has been working diligently to defeat the legalization of same-sex marriage, which unequivocally defies God’s law.

“A federal marriage amendment is absolutely essential to prevent a handful of judges from damaging our family structure beyond repair,” added Parsley. “It is clear that we must continue an assertive strategy to protect marriage and society as we know it.”


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