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Our thoughts and prayers

Posted by thelamp on October 6, 2006

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have recently lost loved ones throughout the US and elsewhere regarding these recent school shootings.  We encourage you find strength and comfort from both loved ones and from Jesus Christ.


One Response to “Our thoughts and prayers”

  1. Peggy Clark said

    When I had heard of the forgiveness of the Amish families toward the man who did this atrosaty,,,,, I wept in my spirit. For weeeeee think we talk the walk of Christ… these people lived it expressed it and brought this child of the living God into a new level of dedication and prayer.
    I personallly as much as I love the Lord…umumumum Praise be to Jesus.
    God bless this community, I lived amongst the Amish years ago and if it were not for the pentecostal in me would have bee humbled to ge part of them. What they appear on the outside is what they live on the inside. May our daily walk in a dark and dreary world one day be the evidence of the walk that they are portraying… God bless

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