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Schwarzenegger Signs Sudan Divest Act

Posted by thelamp on October 4, 2006

Governors across America should do what California’s Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger did with the stroke of a pen. He made it clear that human life is more valuable than money.

Schwarzenegger signed legislation to end state investments in Sudan. The move is a much-needed effort to pressure the Sudanese government to stop the barbaric genocide and relentless violence in Darfur (Send an e-mail to your governor asking your state to divest investments in Sudan).

California has a lot of money to invest. Pension and retirement programs for teachers and other public servants have been financially supporting the unconscionable acts in Sudan. Not any longer.

The new law prohibits the California Public Employees Retirement System and the State Teachers Retirement System from investing in companies with active business in Sudan. Although officials could not place a precise dollar value on state investments in Sudan, even one dollar is significant if it will help pressure the nation to cease the madness.



One Response to “Schwarzenegger Signs Sudan Divest Act”

  1. mr skin said

    When’s Arnie gonna make another movie? I could use a good sci-fi flick from Arnold.

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