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Rhode Island Gay Couple Allowed to Marry in Massachusetts

Posted by thelamp on October 4, 2006

Last week, another judge continued the assault on the sanctity of marriage by ruling that a gay couple from Rhode Island has the right to get married in Massachusetts. Why? According to the judge, simply because laws in Rhode Island do not specifically forbid it.

This is precisely why the Center for Moral Clarity has been working diligently to defeat the legalization of same-sex marriage, which unequivocally defies God’s law.

“There has never been a greater threat to the family and institution of marriage than the legalization of same-sex marriage,” said Pastor Parsley. “Just as we have laws in this nation to protect our currency from the counterfeit, we must have laws to protect the counterfeit to marriage.”

Marriage in Massachusetts is governed by a 1913 law that forbids out-of-state residents from marrying in that state if their marriage would not be permitted in the state where they live. The “couple’s” lawyer argued that the law didn’t apply to Rhode Island residents because laws there don’t come right out and outlaw same-sex marriage. Homosexuals from six states have challenged the Massachusetts law.

Same sex couples have been flocking to the New England state since four judges in Massachusetts ruled in November 1993 that their state may not deny the protections and benefits to two individuals of the same sex who wish to marry, thereby legalizing marriage between homosexual couples.

The result was predictable: Massachusetts has become the nation’s gay wedding chapel. Then the newlyweds return home – maybe right next door – to live in unholy matrimony. Survey after survey indicates that the majority of Americans favor a marriage protection amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Thirty-eight states have enacted laws to protect and defend marriage, but as this case illustrates, state law can come under direct attack by liberal judges.


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