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More Effort Needed to Fight Sex Crimes Against Children

Posted by thelamp on October 4, 2006

Some disturbing facts were revealed last week during the U.S. Helsinki Commission’s hearing on child pornography and other forms of sexual exploitation.

An increasing number of child molesters are using computer technology to organize, maintain and expand their child-pornography collections. That was one of the findings brought to light in Child Pornography: Model Legislation & Global Review, a report presented at the hearing by the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children. The report also said that victims portrayed are getting younger and younger, while the filthy images are becoming more graphic and more violent. Despite these trends, 95 countries around the world have no law specifically addressing child pornography.

Advocates for children deserve praise for recommending international initiatives to combat this evil vice. Every nation has a responsibility to prevent the proliferation of crimes against innocent young children, and the Center for Moral Clarity urges global cooperation on this critical initiative.

As America asks the rest of the world to protect children, more must be done to establish safeguards for those vulnerable to exploitation here at home. According to the center focusing on exploited children, 40 percent of people arrested for possessing child pornography are “dual offenders” who also sexually victimize children. This suggests there may be a correlation between looking at dirty pictures of kids and sexually abusing them.

If keeping kiddie porn away from these villains can prevent abuse, civilized people must continue to make it impossible for them to get their hands on it. This new report makes a clear case for the Center for Moral Clarity’s passionate support for enacting and enforcing laws to keep children safe. Read the report



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