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Internet Gamblers Fear Federal Law Enforcement

Posted by thelamp on October 4, 2006

Efforts to keep Internet gambling from unraveling the fabric of America are proving successful. According to business and financial experts, fear of arrest is behind a rash of high-level executives throwing in the towel and leaving the gaming business. They’ve realized preying on American citizens isn’t worth the risk.

Two top executives and a mid-level director of World Gaming have handed in their resignations. Although the company has offices in Antigua, London and Vancouver, the United States was the target market. Americans aren’t standing for that.

CMC members and other gambling opponents have Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to thank for the unwavering enforcement of federal Internet gambling laws. In the past two months, federal authorities have been arresting these international lawbreakers the moment they step on U.S. soil. And that’s the way laws ought to be enforced.

Gambling feeds on human greed and invites people to place their trust in possessions rather than in God. Groups like the Center for Moral Clarity are putting up a fierce fight. Gaming companies are on the ropes, and the people operating them know it. Let’s keep the pressure on.



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